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Originally Posted by syborg tt View Post
Speed Inc does plenty of LS swaps and there just outside of Chicago

Here is my advise. Skip the LS swap and do all of you pro-touring mods

Wheels & Tires

Nice seats
Steering Wheel

Then enjoy the car for a little bit before you spend 10 grand on the swap.

There is nothing wrong with the small block as is. They have worked for years leave it and enjoy it.

I live in the Houston area did call couple shops and after talking to them was around 10 - 13 k depending. So since the car I bought has 383 stroker new plan is just what this said. I bought a msd atomic efi, new fuel tank, lines, painless wiring kit, and then will redo interior then suspension. I just could not fit everything in at one time wih my budget but this route should get me 70 - 75 % long as everything goes well.

Originally Posted by badazz81z28 View Post
I suggest doing the engine you want first. I did not and now wish I had. There is a lot more opportunity to scratch all your purdy stuff trying to do the engine last.

I would also buy a new crate. What people are asking is just stupid. I'm actually looking for an LS7 and have only found ones that are pretty darn new price.
I like that idea but with my budget have this year have to go a different route.
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