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Originally Posted by 572Camaro View Post
For our 68Camaro which also has extensive floor modifications:

1. We used three bulk packs of Dynamat Extreme
2. Then we installed 1/4" dynaliner everywhere
3. Then we used dense foam filler sparingly
4. Then, and this is important, we used high end custom carpet that comes "delaminated". The carpet literally is installed by laying down backing, then top surface of carpet is spray glued and molded into necessary odd shapes.

I learned about this carpet from my interior guy who "cut his teeth" on custom airplane and custom boat floorboards.., and I could not be more pleased.
On the down side, when you use this material, you have to vacuum fine threads of leftovers from the top layer.

And now for a little brag..,
Carpeting is good enough for:
1. Nine Good-Guys awards out of ten attempts
2. Two FIRST place awards at Detroit Autorama, 2019
3. Cover of Sherwin Williams 2019 calendar plus December month
4. Two feature articles (Chevy High Perf 2018, Full Throttle Mag Sept 2019)

Enough brag.

My point here is carpeting is tricky.
And I got mine from SEANAE interiors located in central Missouri.

Please let me know if I can help!
So you buy the carpet in bulk? Is it a cut/pile type or are there options? I'd love to know more about this! Thanks

Link to my 68 Camaro build thread:

Link to my 67 Nova build thread:
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