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Talking Loctite 262

Not sure how this ended up turning out for you? In the event you still possibly have any troubles, or moving forward towards the future, I have seen nothing that beats the red Loctite 262 as a sealer for this type of application. It sets rather quickly, does not leave the possibility of any "hard floaters" in the brake system (ABS system safe), and holds infinitely well across the test of time and extreme abuse.

If you want to see how good this stuff works, put a bit on the side of a coin or washer, then simply lay it down onto a metal surface of any sort, even if it is somewhat of an unprepared surface. Wait about a half hour, then marvel at what it takes to get that coin or washer to come loose - this gets everybody I have shown this to. The last one I did not too long ago was a 5/16 USS washer straight out of a bin onto the flat anvil area of a vise (only wiped the oily dirty surface off with a rag - no solvent). 10 minutes later my guy Steve was marveling at how the slight excess that splooged out wouldn't set, but hell if he could get that washer loose (was rather funny). The science of anaerobic sealers is cool = oxygen keeps it from setting.

I know this will convert some readers into looking at this stuff for its exceptional sealing properties, despite its primary purpose of locking threads - it is listed as being able to seal a gap fill of 0.005" Don't be concerned with not being able to disassemble a fitting if needed in the future - it will come back apart if needed without extreme efforts.

There IS a difference - Thank you for choosing Hydratech!

Paul M. Clark
Founder / Master Engineer
Hydratech Braking Systems ®
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