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Put in Vintage Air a/c and some nice brackets were fabbed up to make it look right. A/C bracket is from Holley. That picture shows the CG&J radiator in the back, then the intercooler heat exchanger and finally the a/c condensor.

Fuel system is -10AN PTFE e85 rated feed and -8AN return running Weldon filter/regulator combo. Purchased a used 25 gallon s/s fuel tank (Rock Valley I believe) that Chris is going to put in dual Walbro 450lph pumps with the Holley Hydramat to solve any pickup issues.

Chris welded up the intercooler water tank with clear lid opening for my Chiseled Performance 1500hp A/W intercooler and a Rule2000 pump inside the tank. The system including the water in the lines and unit itself should hold around 10 gallons I'm guessing. He also added a cogged drive for the GZ Motorsports vacuum pump driven from the alternator. Thankfully the Chevelle has a very generously sized engine bay and can swallow all these parts up with ease.

The last few items to address on the car would be the following:
wiring (Painless purchased then redone to our liking already)
Holley engine harness with quick disconnect fitting at the firewall
fuel system plumb and modify tank
finish dual 3" exhaust from turbo downpipe
brake system- 14.25" Wilwood C6 Z06 kit up front, Wilwood 12.19" rears with parking brake, Wilwood master cylinder and remote proportioning valve to dial it all in.
JRi custom single adjustable coilovers (built by Cortex Racing- thank you Filip) using the SpeedTech coilover conversion parts on the super nice Speedtech A-arms
wheels/tires (hello.... any sponsors?)

I purchased a GM warranty take out LS9 motor that needed rebuilt with new rings/bearings, converted to wet sump (cut the crank snout), ported Lingenfelter LS9 heads (flow 350cfm), and BrianTooleyRacing cam of still to be determined size. That will eventually go in once I get the car back and work out any kinks. With nearly 1 liter more displacement than the 5.3 engine any turbo lag should be minimized. The compression is also set at 10:1 so it should still be potent even out of boost. My guess is the LS9 setup should make 480rwhp without boost..... add 15psi and it will surpass 950rwhp with ease. 20psi should be a fun ride....
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