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Default CRO Missions

Where my thought process is on this and I don't know if its right but I stick to the blockchains and am long term on this like 10 -20 years and continue to dollar cost average. On the app they have missions you can do everyday to earn diamonds. Once you earn 25 diamonds you get to open a mystery box that contains a certain amount of CRO which is the utility token for that platform. I buy 20 dollars of crypto everyday not always the same one. They reward me with 1 diamond for checking in on the missions and another 5 diamonds for buying the $20 dollars in crypto daily. They have a $500 daily mission that rewards you 60 diamonds but I only do that like 1 time a month.

Download the app and just start messing with it. Have to get started sometime. I am pretty sure they give you 25 dollars in CRO just for signing up.
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