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Manifold is the same Chinese knock off of a Precision Manifold that everyone is selling now including Holley. Although I have not run that particular FItech unit, I have not been happy with the carb style units we have used. At first they seem great, but after awhile, we have had to fiddle with a couple of them and had to reload the software on 2 of others to fix some issues. As far as the intake, I have run 2 of those Chinese intakes before and also pulled them not only because of power losses, but they tend to "hammer" or "echo" and sounds like somethings broke because of the thin sheetmetal. They really don't work properly on small cube motors.

We installed a Holley Sniper on a ZZ502 in a Chevelle last year right before GG DFW. With zero tuning or test miles I drove it 400 miles roundtrip with zero issues. Car now has almost 3000 miles on it, and I have not touched it since I installed it. Oh, and this same customer also has one of FItech units we had trouble with on his 55 Sedan and has considered swaping it out to a Sniper.
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