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As a follow up to my above post, I now have about 500 miles on mine and so far I would say I'm satisfied. Part of me wishes I would have spent the extra $500 on a Holley HP setup, but the FiTech is doing everything that it should for the most part and I knew going in I wasn't getting a Holley level product. Some additional thoughts now that I have been driving it.
Keep in mind, this is a stock everything 2002 5.3 with 190k miles on it and a TH350. None of the motor internals have been changed, just accessories and the FiTech intake.

Motor fired right up and idled great. Throttle response was ok intially but is getting better. Working through a hanging idle.

The IAC makes a TON of noise. It is literally all you can hear at certain points. Certainly my biggest complaint with the system.

I was having a stalling issue when coming to a stop that got worse as I improved the hanging idle, and now seems to be fixed after some additional tuning. The tuning parameters aren't very well defined so it took a bit of googling to make sense of what affects what in the settings. There is a decent amount of help out there though and it continues to get better.

There is no connection to factory oil pressure sensor. Another simple addition that should have been included in my mind.

The motor fires as soon as the key is turned whether its dead cold or 200+ degrees.
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