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You mean this Corolla? I can't believe how low a Camaro can be.....

I think forward-facing would be REALLY sketchy cos the wide angle lens means that the oncoming car is so small that u can't focus small enough at 100m, and by the time u reacted it's too late. The image is not very clear at a distance either but prolly enough to see if there's something there.
My situation means that the blind spot car is traveling at the same speed so not changing size so quick in the screen. I can try it for you right now by rotating my camera to go supermarket shopping. I'll let u know.
Hang back a bit is the only way I think.

Also when making a left turn at intersection where there's a left turn triangle....go straight ahead as close to the concrete triangle so that you are almost square to the upcoming roadway and not 45*.
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