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Default The SoCal SCCA CAM Autocross thread

Next CalClub region event is in Fontana 1/15/17. Next San Diego region event is 1/22/17

The original post below outlines how the autocross works.

Note, I have edited this first post to better reflect LA region specific info now that I have attended an event.

Long version:
I've been having such a great time running with the great group of folks who run in the CAM class down in San Diego that in addition to running with them I thought it would be cool to generate more interest in the LA region. The SCCA autocross courses I've run at El Torro and Qualcomm are the longest and most fun autocross courses I've ever run! They tend to be about 1 minute long with no repeated sections and have more varied course design than a lot of the goodguys or Hotchkis courses. Don't get me wrong those other courses are fun too, but I can't help be really enjoy a longer more varied course.

Logistics and cost.

Saturday's are practice days and require registering far in advance and spots are limited. So far I haven't tried to attend a practice day.

Sunday is the competition day (aka championship day). EDIT: For the LA region you want to sign up online. Online the cost is $30. If you register in person the day of the event the cost is $40 dollars.

Competition day usually you get 3 or 4 timed runs that count towards the win. Extra runs (X runs) are usually available but must be purchased when you sign in at the event. At LA you don't have to work extra for the xruns and you may be able to run them before the end of the day. The cost of the fun runs are in the LA region is $25. So for $55 you will either get 6 or 8 runs on an amazing and long course. Once you are an SCCA member this is the cheapest autocross seat time of any of the events in this area. More importantly, you only have to be onsite for less than half a day to get those runs rather than all day at some other events. Typically I'm at the event for 3 hour or less and that includes plenty of bench racing time with other folks.

You have to be an SCCA member which costs $45-100 depending on a few things and lasts for 12 months from day of purchase. Alternatively you can do like I did and buy a weekend pass for $15 which if you decide to later become a member within either 30 or 60 days will be credited back to you. This is what I did.

Points Cards. If you want to make a run for the season's points in your class you must purchase a points card for the calendar year for $30. In the LA region you don't need a points card to run and this far in the season I don't think it's worth it.

Total cost if you just want to come "try it out" will be $45. but if you get the membership stuff taken care of future events only cost your $30. You can also easily get 6-8 long runs in for $70 if you also purchase x-runs which is less than the going rate for the single day Hotchkis autocross and Camarillo autocross.

You do your 3-4 runs in a single session. Your session lasts about an hour and cars are run through the full line up before you get your next run.

You have to "work" a session (again about an hour). This gets some flack from some people but its not too bad as it gives you a close up view of the action and if your work session is before your run session you can get a great view of the line being taken by the fast guys in your area of the track.

Link to the Orange County page:
Link to the San Diego page:

Video from my run at El Toro in July

Here are some pics and video from my two trips to San Diego:
First Outing:

Second Outing:

Autocross and Track blog

Lots of autocross & track day videos of my car:

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