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I ran across this old thread and thought I'd give an update on the AEM Infinity 508 I installed with my fairly big cammed Ford motor.

Some irritations - AEM made a mis-marked harness that switched the cam and crank sensor connections. I had to bring a scope home from work to figure out why I was having problems getting it to run. Small cable assy mistake made by AEM that burned a lot of my time. Not super stable for using with windows 10 - seems to disconnect a lot but windows 7 on another computer is solid. Hopefully it's something they improve on with new FW releases. The manual is OK but not super detailed so getting guidance from their techs and forum is needed to understand all the capabilities and set up approaches. Unfortunately the forum is down right now. Not as heavily used as the Holley so harder to find guidance and info from other sources.

Good stuff - Once I found and fixed the harness problem it was pretty easy to get going and running reasonably well at idle and midrange and above even with a big cam. I expected more tuning to be needed for a big cam at lower rpms and it has enough capability for that. Adjustments in the VE and timing tables are super easy to do. The techs are responsive to emails. There are a good number of baselines to start from that will get it up and running. Except for the cam/crank harness that was mis-marked the quality of the cable assemblies is very good and the Deutsch connectors used are reliable, solid and easy to assemble ( better than weatherpack).

Overall - It works for me being an engineer but it has pros and cons just like everything. If you are technically savvy it's a good choice but if you need more technical support and guidance one of the more widely used options might be better.
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