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Default Narrow Brakes Options for 15 Inch Wheels

I've got a NASCAR rolling chassis that I'll be using for HPDE and track day events. The AP brake calipers that were on the car were way out of my price range (they guy wanted $4k for them which is too much for me right now). I'm trying to piece together a set of calipers in the $1500 range to get me to the track. And then as I learn and outgrow them I can consider upgrading in the future.

I've been looking at Wilwood and was almost going to get into the Aero6 for the front but then realized they were too big. The car has 15 inch racing wheels and 12.88 rotors.

The best I can find that fits my car are the Billet Narrow Superlite 4R Radial. Not sure how well that compares to the Aero line so any feedback would be great!

Also, any other suggestions for calipers that would fit this type of setup? It seems that a lot of the pro-touring type stuff needs bigger wheels. And then the stuff that's fits NASCAR rotor/wheel combos are way too pricey for me.

Any thoughts?

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