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Originally Posted by Panteracer View Post

I ended up doing something like Byan cutting a bottom plate
to fit where the whole wants to be.. my car has a dominator
based carb with 4150 bowls for 1050 or 1150 cfm on the
CV1 manifold so it is really big and set far forward

I then grafted the shaker over the top by gluing oak pieces
up in it and then put threaded rods thru my home made
assembly (see attached pic of air filter)... air filter is a 3"
round that I made into an oval.. hard to describe but it works

I can pull things apart to show you if you want more info
but looks like the Butler thing may work for you


Thanks Bob! If you have time and inclination to take more detailed pictures, I would love to see them! I know we are all busy too, so it's not a big deal.

What diameter is your round filter - I'm guessing that you don't feel like the filter area is choking your flow?

I'm leaning on fabbing my own plate - blockers/WFO style such that my shaker can fit onto it with the stainless ring and then use a rectangular KN filter fitted into the shaker itself. When I make the plate I can adjust for tilt and off center. I'm concerned that with the Victor Jr. style intake I have that I'll run out of height- so the rectangular filter appeals to me.

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