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Default Do you regularly drive you car?

I took my car for a ride this day, even though I have a car I can drive somewhat "fast" in, I really dont drive fast on the street.

I just do some 2nd-3rd full throttle Acceleration or 1-2-3 action at most. And then I am happy and slow down, and sometime mashing the throttle in 2nd to do a mild rolling "burnout" I really love to do that. He..He..

But I just do it when I am alone on the road, and drives mostly "Nice"

I save the "maniac" driving for the track where it is possible, who I plan do as much I can Next year

What or how do YOU use Your car, especially those of you With killer cars?

Do you just cruise, does Your car actually see a track sometimes? (So you can actually use some of this modifications you have done and paid all to much for ) Or does it mostly sit in Your garage?
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