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Originally Posted by [email protected] View Post
Well mine does sit in the garage more than I'd like. But I try to drive it 2-3 times a month, if not more. Every time I drive it I think "this car is so much fun, why don't I drive it more?" Mind you my daily driver is a 2004 Honda Civic turd. So to go from a 4 cylinder auto that barely gets out of its way to a 454 with a 6 speed, I have an absolute blast. If it got the same MPG as the Civic, I'd drive it daily!
Those two cars are a contrast to eachother But try to drive it more! I also have a big motor, but I want to make it very user friendly, so I can take it wherever, whenever, or use it as a daily driver for that matter Depends somewhat on fuel consumption though, I also have a big motor.. 461cid

On a sidenote, I see you sell VW interior, my daily driver is an Golf 2 16V, can you get seat covers for Edition Recaro seats? Can get Picture if you want.
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