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Originally Posted by Beechy View Post
99% of driving miles are run straight ahead, caster doesn't affect the angle of the tire relative to the pavement, so does not affect wear. It DOES improve stability and "return-to-center" after turning.

During turns, caster tilts the outside wheel inboard at top so preventing tire "tuck under" thereby improving tire life.

Extreme caster (8* and more) will cause tire wear and is too much on a wet road with low profile will PUSH BAD.
Four degrees is very conservative.

Everybody needs "slalom" when that autonomous Tesla comes out of the side-street.......not just for autocross guys.

VERY simple explanation (there are other factors at work)::::Caster is the difference between shopping cart wheel flutter, and a bicycle when u push it along using the seat only. Caster being the angle of the head stem where the steering bearings are.
Thank you! I get it better now
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