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Originally Posted by chicane
No, actually its simple if you have the right stuff. This just happends to be our specialty.......

Things you'll need:
  • Engine
  • Conversion engine mounts
  • Conversion oil pan
  • Headers and exhaust
  • Transmission
  • Transmission install kit to include a cross member, modified hydraulic slave and bracketry
  • Driveshaft - Either shorten what you have or have a custom one built to your specs
  • Computer/electronics - There are quite a few companies making drop in wiring harnesses into non EFI chassis nowadays
  • Fuel system and tank for EFI system

I know I have probably left some things off of the list, but this is these are the main necessities for a swap..... depending on your chassis being a manual or automatic transmission chassis.

If you have a chance to go to SEMA, stop by.... we'll have everything on display. If not, our catalog will be here shortly with a comprehensive laydown on everything about this subject.

I just wish I could leak you guys some pictures.......

Ok, perhaps I ought to have phrased it differently.
When all is said and done. In terms of cost and difficulty would it be easier to achieve a 450-550hp drivetrain with a t56 or TKO by going with an LSx platform or sticking to something more conventional?
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