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Default CANCER! Fight it with THC/CBD oil!!

Okay folks -- here we go!

This thread is going to be about my personal battle with a tumor on my liver and what I've done to improve my quality of life -- and deal with this "****" -- because that's what it is!!

I do not want this to turn into a story about everyone's cancer - and the USUAL things that Medicine recommends! Hell no! This is about ALTERNATIVE non invasive - no chemo - no radiation - no surgery - "INCURABLE CANCER". This is about when they find you have cancer and send you home to die!

Let's just get this statement out of the way..... #****CANCER

So with the next post I will begin with my story -- what I have done to HELP MYSELF -- the trials and tribulations of acquiring what I feel are life altering "meds" when living in a state that doesn't recognize THC (pot extract) as legal.


I'm as FAR from a pot head as a human could get. I have not had alcohol or drugs in over 32 years!! I'm a complete advocate of AA and the program in general. If you expect to read about getting high and that sort of thing - stop reading now. You'll be bored out of your mind.
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