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In early May of this year (2016) I was diagnosed with a stage IV "biliary duct" cancer. This cancer is a tumor on the OUTSIDE of my liver and is not diagnosed until the cancer SYMPTOMS present. There is no early detection. There is no test. This is UNLIKE Colon cancer that is so simple to detect.... that NOBODY should ever get it!! You just simply go and get a regular colonoscopy and bingo..... if there's any issues going on or developing - they fix it before it goes crazy. Don't bother to get the regular colonoscopy ------- and when they do find the cancer - you're going to be in a battle for your life!

Now ---- No such exam exists for what I have. You have ZERO CLUE that you have anything wrong with you until the typical symptoms present. Fatigue! Coffee / Dark Tea colored urine! Funky (greyish) stool color.... Itchy skin (all over). Dude...... you come down with that combo and you've got ya some serious f'n health issues! And this all happens FAST!! I was fine and then BAM! I was sick as hell!

I had come home from running the car at Thunderhill..... and for a couple days after getting home I was fine.... then felt the fatigue.... like LAY DOWN ON THE SOFA fatigue. A lack of appetite doesn't help --- only helping to make you weaker....

I Googled my symptoms ---- and that went straight to you have a serious liver issue! WTF! I don't even drink! But these are all symptoms of Hepatitis - or some other liver condition. Nasty! Okay -- I'm thinking I picked up some Hep on the road trip! No biggie.... it's just bad food from some place I ate at...... This shouldn't be too bad. WRONG! A blood test confirms you have a high Bilirubin level (mine was in the 100's).... and are jaundiced (turning yellow). That starts in the whites of your eyes.

Next up is an ultra sound.

I told the guy ----- if you stop waving that little wand around ---- I'll know you found something. GUESS WHAT!?!?! They know EXACTLY what they're looking for and in 10 seconds I see the wand stop and he starts making measurements. BUDDY --- You know right then what the score is. You have a tumor and he's seeing just how big it is.

Okay -- I live in a small community. But we're from Seattle area. So we're going to Seattle and get some real docs on this mess pronto! Well --- pronto --- these days is a nightmare. Try getting in to see someone. Gwen was a real bulldog and got me in to see the guy that has done my Colonoscopies, we like him and trust him.

So first up is a MRCP --- this is an MRI that is looking for liver stuff --- the DOC needs this FIRST. If this "look" confirms what they suspect -- then the Doc will perform a ERCP. This is a scope that goes down the throat and stomach and can look at the biliary ducts of the liver. Sure enough the tumor has grown in to the ducts and is blocking them - which is why you're turning yellow and itching. Your body is backing up with poison.

Okay -- so with the ERCP (scope/tool) the Doc can slip some stents in the ducts and get them open and flowing again!! For me they could only get ONE working. The other duct is completely blocked. One is all I need. The first ERCP was exploratory with the aim to use a "temporary" stent -- in the event that the cancer/liver is "resectable" (meaning you could do surgery) -- but mine is too far gone so they did a second procedure and put more stents up further and they're of the "permanent" type. NO SURGERY IS GOING TO FIX ME.


First ERCP -- Doc says "you've probably got 18 months"....... second ERCP this is revised to "you've got 6 months". Now -- I'm just dealing with 18 months.... which sucks! But is totally "doable" in your mind. You have time to get all your **** together -- say nice things to your loved ones -- sell stuff in an orderly manor. Guys.... I have LOTS of stuff!!! And we're not just talking about cars. We have business interests. Properties. Deals half done. But 18 months you can get all that squared away. When they come back and shorten this to 6 months ---- you just melt. This is just so emotionally draining (and not just to you) it's almost impossible to deal with. Okay -- 6 friggin months AND YOU FEEL LIKE ****!!!!! UGH!!!

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