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Luckily for me I have children.... and one of these is what I would call a true "pot head". I hate the SMELL. I hate the thought of being "high". Why would someone PAY to be messed up like that? I don't get it.....

Having said all that! It saved my life so far!!!

The kids are in the hospital room telling me that I have to start taking CBD oil and THC oil (Rick Simpson Oil) right away -- and as good fortune would have it -- one of Alex's best buddies from like 4th grade (they're 29 now!) works at a "grower". They know all about this "cure" and what I'll need to do and how to get the stuff and on and on.

I KNOW NOTHING!! I've not seen pot in 20 years! LOL

Please watch some videos on RICK SIMPSON OIL and CBD Oil !!! There's just a ton of information about this on the internet. You may even find your Doctor to be very helpful. It never hurts to discuss it!!

************************ TREATMENT *****************************

I totally understand why the medical industry is NOT interested in this "therapy".

You are going to need approximately 90 DAYS in which you will be out of your mind stoned (I'll explain because this is critical!)..... you're sick as hell.... you're weak.... you have cancer..... you have no appetite..... you may (I did) have some very terrible "things" going on inside you (and coming out of you!).

What did you expect? Your guts are rotten! There's something in there that's got a life of it's own and it's living off yours!

Rick Simpson Oil is THC and it must be of the DECARBOXYLATED kind (that's an extra step that makes it a BETTER CANCER FIGHTER). THC is the part of "pot" that makes you high when smoked. We are NOT SMOKING THC. This is an oil form - comes in a dose-able syringe.... is like pine tar.... is black when concentrated - and turns to green when thinned or spread out.

You are going to need to WORK UP TO taking at least one full syringe (1 gram or 10 ML) per day of this AND a highly concentrated form of CBD oil. This is to be taken on a 1 for 1 ratio.

When I say you're going to need to WORK UP TO this dose I mean it!! This stuff is potent to say the least! And you're going to work up to taking a dose that would put an elephant down!! Oh yeah --- Oh yeah --- Oh yeah........ you better f'n believe it!!

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