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So after doing all the research....... don't skimp this part!! Research and understanding will help ease YOUR mind -- and if you get your relatives on it to help you -- they learn too!

Okay ---

What I acquired.

**DECARBOXYLATED** Rick Simpson Oil (THC EXTRACT FROM THE INDICA PLANT) --- do NOT BUY RSO or THC made from "hemp" -- even though hemp is Marijuana -- you want your THC made from INDICA strain of the plant. AND ------ IMPORTANT I THINK ------- I want the HIGHEST THC CONCENTRATION. 60% ish is normal -- I found some that's 80!!! If you're going to do this --- why not do it with the strongest med available???

Okay ------ This stuff will knock you in to next MONTH!!!!!!!

The web is full of info ------------- but you need to work up the dose a little at a time --------- and you will be incapacitated!!!! No work!!! No driving!!!! You'll basically going into hibernation for the next 2 or 3 months. Someone needs to be taking care of you!

I started by taking this on a cracker or similar. LET ME TELL YOU THIS STUFF TASTES LIKE CRAP!!!!!!!!

Go to your local pharmacy and buy GEL CAPS --- size 00 --- get a couple hundred of them they're cheap! Dose the THC and CBD oil right into the capsule and swallow with water. Done. No taste. No gagging. These capsules come apart -- squirt the stuff in -- put the cap back together until it "clicks".

Here's what the THC looks like in ONE MILLILITER syringes. THESE ARE WHAT YOU NEED ---- don't get them bigger they're too hard to use. Get 90 of these!!!! They are "expensive" and are not covered by insurance.... and THC is NOT LEGAL in most states. **DECARBOXYLATED**CBD oil IS LEGAL is all 50 states --- but you need the THC to go along with the CBD!!

In this photo ---- on the top of the photo is the ACTIVE CBD OIL ---- I buy this from ACTIVE CBD OIL DOT COM. This is their best "grade" of oil. And is what you need.

BELOW THAT (the CBD) are some syringes I bought today at the pharmacy. If you buy the stuff (THC and CBD) in the RIGHT syringe ----- the ONE ML variety ---- then you won't need the empyties! I bought one TEN ML syringe of THC and I can't measure the dose off the big ass thing!! Don't you make that mistake!! It's a total pain in the ass trying to transfer this stuff! If you need to do that EMAIL ME!!!! I'll walk you thru how to heat it up (critical temps here folks don't goof it up).

To the RIGHT SIDE is the empty capsules.

BOTTOM is the giant mistake. 10 ML of THC 80% ------- that right there folks represents about ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS worth.......

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