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Originally Posted by John510 View Post
Wait nevermind I think it was this one. I didnt see it last time I went in there though

OK I will go put my foot in my mouth. DOH!!

Ha. Nice car but I'll bet the owner said I want $60k for it and they marked it up to 99k!

3 years ago I almost bought a local 69 Camaro privately before the guy ended up taking it to Kassabian. He was asking $42 or 45k for the car on craigslist, and dropped it off at Kassabian for them to try to sell and they priced is at $79k!! We are talking a nice clean 69 with a built 406, muncie 4 speed, 12 bolt and some 17" torque thrusts!

Anyway, back to the original topic.... this is a good value for a well built car!
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