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Correct, the VFN hood buckled. The hood is made in 2 pieces, the lower which is the support structure and the top which is mostly just the top flat. They are then bonded together.

The channels that run front to back just aren't very strong, and those are what buckled. On this new one, I had VFN reinforce those internally by adding some metal to hopefully help solve this problem. But I'm gun shy...

I would expect the Anvil piece to be much better in this area.

As for the lip, are you using stock hinges right now? I would expect those to be fine.

I briefly had a set of the RB hinges which I tried, but those didn't seem to be much better. To be fair, I didn't spent a lot of time trying to adjust those. If I had to compare the two I would say the RB were a little 'stiffer' in terms of side to side movement which could be both a good and a bad thing. It's harder to adjust / install if there is too much stiffness. But they were a nice piece. The other issue was the position of the strut mounts. This was more of an issue specific to me as my oil tank is in the way on the passenger side, and it's a tight fit on the driver side too with my cage down bars. On a different car that wouldn't have been an issue...
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