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Sweet pics, Dan--the black & white is kind of romantic! I may have to steal them for other purposes.

What's funny is that it looks like the car's almost not corner-diving in those pictures. So much of my handling-based fury came from those stupid, weak 2-inch leaf springs . . .

One of the things that really hit me with the C4 was its balance in corners. The chassis seemed to load evenly (without any driver effort) when being whipped through turns, which I made sure to do well ahead of my choice to rip things apart. Necessarily, GM engineers had a lot more to work with than I (in brains and parts), so I figured that using what they came up with would be a bit better than anything I'd produce on my own (or worse yet, bolt on) in 20 years.

I'll look forward to seeing yours develop in a more normal way, maybe . . .
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