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Originally Posted by ScotI View Post
That is a clean car. Very clean interior as well.
Originally Posted by WSSix View Post
Gorgeous car. It was obviously cared for all this time. Any plans to build it up at this time or just drive, enjoy, and teach him how to care for a car?
Thank you guys! We’re really pleased with it and looking forward to putting some personal touches on it. I’d love to put some new wheels on it but I need to pace myself and let him save the money for upgrades. Since the current wheels have faded to a pink tone, we’re gonna scuff and repaint them silver...already have one done. It’s got a few of the black Metal trim pieces (around the rear glass and each side of the t-tops) that need the black trim repainted so we’ll get those touched up as well so for now we’ll just do some “elbow grease” items!

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