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Originally Posted by Gmachine1911 View Post
Thanks Garage Engineer, I donít mind saying that watching your build was a huge part of what really got me wanting one of these. I searched for quite some time for a late 80ís Iroc but most were either way too expensive or a total heap that was still too expensive, lol! Seems these care are gaining popularity at a rapid pace! Itís no doubt probably best that this car has the V6 for a new driver...Thanks for tuning in!
Glad to hear someone is following along and that I could help you with your decision! I agree they are getting harder to find but there are still plenty out there (as evidenced by the one you found.)

The v6 will certainly help for a newer driver... my advice would be to focus on suspension and brakes before upgrading the motor but that's just me

Feel free to reach out if I can help with anything
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