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You have the full list of pressures, I only had two points which I wrote down. That list is helpful. I have the black struts with the Gold dots, so 700N (I had written down 750N, but also 157 ft-lb, so we're talking about the same strength). So you are using a stronger one than I am.

Our of curiosity, do you have the same issue with the hinge bottoming on the lip of the fender as I showed in my image? I'm guessing not if you have good alignment...

One thing about the carbon hoods: they are going to be MUCH stronger/stiffer than my fiberglass hood. The first one I had on the car buckled up about 3" in the middle the first time I drove it and was parked in the sun for 3 hours. We did our best to flatten it out, but it was never right (you can see it in most of my pictures). I just replaced the hood finally earlier this year. One of the reasons for being a bit gun shy about 'forcing' it down against the struts is that I don't want to replace it again. I'm convinced the carbon would tolerate that much better, and that was the reason I purchased the one I have.

FWIW though, I had similar issues getting that hood to sit down in back with the struts in place. Perhaps something on my car just isn't aligned quite right.

Regardless, thanx for that list, it is handy.
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