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Originally Posted by Tim john--- View Post
Good morning, I called a couple weeks back but failed to receive a return call. I am wrapping up my restoration and while installing my r/h kick it broke in half right where the main section where the speaker resides to the thin vertical piece that covers the pinch weld. I like the kicks and would like to get a replacement. I do not need the speaker enclosure or grill just the plastic kick. Please advise a path forward. I purchased brand new through here on Lateral G so I should be on your books. Vehicle is a 69 Firebird convertible. Thank you.

Tim john---
Please give me a call Tim, we have never had any of these panels break to date. Also It looks like these were purchased in 2014. I believe these were blemished correct? 954-440-0251 Thanks. Clint 954-440-0251
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