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Old 09-23-2013, 08:41 PM
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Default The Spirit of '66 Build Thread: AutoX Stingray

This is something I never dreamed I would have the chance to have (Actually it is the wife's car). After going to one autocross event and getting a few ride alongs, she asks on the way home, "when am I getting my own car?".
A couple of months later she's been looking at every possible make and model and keeps coming back to a 68 Chevelle. I'm totally fine with that as I'm now quite familiar with A-bodies after building my 65. Thought a two Chevelle family would be pretty cool. Actually as my oldest son, 11 now, will be inheriting a '70 El Camino when he gets closer to driving age. One big happy A-body family

So her dad is over one day and starts talking about a Corvette a friend of his has in his garage. Can't remember if it's a 65 or 66, but he did know it was a custom car with flares and a "dated paint job". So we ask a hundred questions, he doesn't know the details and said he'll set up a visit to go look at it. She starts looking at mid-year Vettes now and seems to like them better than the Chevelles now...hmm.

So a few weeks go by and we finally go get to see the car. Turns out it is a 66 Stingray Coupe, 327/350hp car that was customized in '74. This guy has owned it since '76 and it's been up on jack stands since '91 in his garage.
Other than a cam and lifter swap, the guy says it's exactly the same as he bought it in '76. The odometer shows just under 50k, most things we've found would back that up as being legit.
As we uncovered the car the "dated paint job" made it's appearance. Wow, totally 70's, but actually we both really thought it was kinda cool. She definitely wants to leave it as is for now.

So how about some pictures, right?

The reason for the thread title, "Spirit of '66" you ask? (yep, it's on the L88 hood)

Here is how it's sat for the last 22 years

Did I mention the flares? lol, it's got lots of flair

After getting it home and cleaning it up, it doesn't look too bad.

Check out the funky "layered" stripes on the rear haunches:

better shot of the stripes before washing it, how wild is that??

Here is a view of the stripes coming off the hood:

I'm sure some keen eyes will say it's a 67, but it's just the side gills from a '67 grafted in when it was customized. The front bumpers cut and put on the rear (?), the chin spoiler, turn signals behind grill, L88 style hood, massive flares, all custom touches from almost 40 years ago.

Still has the ARE Daisy wheels, 15x8 and 15x10 with Firestone "Parnelli Jones" tires! Those should make nice garage art.
The paint has a lot of chips and scratches mostly from it being in the way in the garage for so long I'd suspect. Oh well, life's scars.

As far as numbers matching stuff if you are into that, yeah, it's mostly all there. The block is a "CE" replacement block from '68. The Muncie is matching, the heads, Winters Foundry marked manifold, original date coded Holley carb and radiator are all in place. Even the water pump is original. We have every intention of preserving any and all parts that are from the car. However, we also have every intention on modifying this car further to be a fun and hopefully competitive AutoX car.
Intially we will be using the original 327 with some changes for safety (better, baffled oil pan), as a power plant. The 4 speed as well. Suspension wise, that's up in the air yet but it won't involve many original parts for sure. Brakes will be upgraded to C6 Z06 calipers and rotors.

Motor pic, yes we know the fan and upper rad hose is not correct, and yes we have the original air cleaner assembly with it:

Interior is probably the weakest part of the car. It looked much better in the dark garage...It was originally Bright Blue, some painted, some dyed, some parts replaced with black parts.

So that's it for the introduction of The Spirit of '66, hope you like it. We'll post pics as things happen.
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