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Old 04-19-2012, 01:39 PM
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Lightbulb Pops Ride.

.. Hey everyone just wanted to introduce myself, name's Art.
I have a 1967 Camaro RS/SS #'s matching Camaro. Red on Red, 350 with a Muncie 4 spd. - bone stock. Have owned it for over 10 years.

I bought it pretty much completed, as it had all the stock, showroom amenities, ie - stock lined trunk,matching spare tire, with jack all neat and presentable.
Engine compartment stock and clean.

I purchased the car for my dad to enjoy, as he had bought one, right off the showroom floor, when he came back from Viet Nam. ,and had to sell it once I came along, and the family got larger. He got to enjoy this car for a few years, until Lymphoma Cancer took him from us.

I always drooled in H.S. every time I saw one, was infatuated. So figured I could enjoy it along with my Pops.

Found the car on line, bought it out of Spokane Washington. Had an insurance adjuster do an inspection on it, and had it shipped to me, Here in Hollister, CA.

So I started tearing into it a little over 3-4 years ago. When I was driving down the road with my 3 kids in car seats in the back, and noticed that when I would change gears, my kid in the right rear car seat would move up and down. After investigating the matter, noticed that i could see the road below, right thru the floor board.

From there, the saga begins..... to be continued..
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Old 04-19-2012, 02:01 PM
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Great story. Welcome to the site.


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Jacob Ehlers and Amsoil for the lubricants and degreasers for my 70 Chevelle project
Shannon at Modo Innovations for the cool billet DBW bracket
Roadster Shop for their Chevelle SPEC Chassis
Dakota Digital for their Chevelle HDX Gauge Package
Painless Performance for their wiring harness

Ron Davis Radiators for their radiator and fan assembly.
Baer Brakes for their front and rear brakes

Texas Speed and Performance for their 427 LS Stroker
American Powertrain for their ProFit Magnum T56 kit
Currie Enterprises for their 9" Third Member
Forgeline for their GF3 Wheels
McLeod Racing for their RXT street twin clutch
Ididit for their steering column
Holley for their EFI and engine parts
Lokar and Clayton Machine for their pedals and door and window handles
Morris Classic Concepts for their 3 point belts and side mirrors
Thermotec for their heat sleeve and sound deadening products
Restomod Air for their Tru Mod A/C kit
Mightymouse Solutions for their catch can
Magnaflow for their 3" exhaust system
Aeromotive for their dual Phantom fuel system
Vintage Air for their new Mid Mount LS front drive
Hydratech Braking for their hydroboost system
Borgeson for their stainless steering shaft and u joints
Eddie Motorsports for their hood and trunk hinges and misc parts
TMI Products for their seats, door panels, and dash pad
Rock Valley Antique Auto Parts for their stainless fuel tank
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Old 04-22-2012, 07:10 PM
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Great story, hope you keep your father in your thoughts as you rebuild. What are your plans?
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Old 04-25-2012, 09:39 PM
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Default shipwrecked!

Plans on the car..

well, they have changed drastically in the last two years.

This car is pretty much complete. Engine, tranny, numbers matching.

The under floor was pretty rotted and replacement of floor pans ensued.

After getting it back from the body shop that did the work, the headaches began. They not only incorrectly installed them, they managed to leave one of the frame rails forward about 1" more than the other. Which noticeably makes my axle out of whack. I took that body shop to court, judge ordered it corrected, they attempted to correct it, did not, judge ordered them to pay back all monies. They obviously had other issues as well and claimed bankruptcy and sold the business off to someone else.

SO, I decided to mini-tub it, and while in process, have the issue with the axle repaired and or put in correct alignment.
I purchased a DSE mini-tub kit with 3" drop springs.

I and had a Mini-tub installed. I tossed and turned on it for a while, cutting into this RS/SS. But it had to be done.

However, when I recently got it back, low an behold, the new 9" rear end, that I purchased was still sitting in the same spot as the 12 bolt rear end that was pulled out. This "fabricator/machinist/engine builder" I went with, didn't bother to check the alignment of the axle. We had discussed the issue with the axle not being aligned, and he actually initially told me that i didn't tell him about it. only later to recant that and agree that we had talked about it.

So now I have this newly installed axle, mini-tub kit, DSE shocks, narrowed gas tank, somewhat undercoated, and it needs to be disassembled and corrected.

My friends, its not always wise to go with the cheapest price. Not to mention the hack job that was done installing the tub kit, and over-cutting the trunk pan, and having to add metal to fill the 3/4" - 1" gaps that were created. I was pretty disgusted with the work. I asked him not to under coat it until i got a chance to take pictures of the welding, but he said, too late, I already coated it. "gobbed" it on more like. There's definitely a problem with my car.

While having the car tubbed, I came across Mr. Rich Bermea. Road Touring Customs. I walked in his shop, and my jaw dropped... I was In heaven. There he had 3 68 camaros in the shop, and a Chevelle. I looked around, had Flash's 68 Camaro outside front, and two more camaros in the outside rear of the shop. They had just got back from Run to the Coast that past weekend.

And so begins the path to getting things done right.


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Old 04-25-2012, 10:22 PM
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man that suck! 2 hack shops in a row... but thats excellent news that rich will be taking care of you, your in good hands now! just call ahead to avoid flash dancing dave! that guys trouble to say the least

1970 1/2 rs z28...pro-touring?...i wish...soon?
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Old 04-25-2012, 10:36 PM
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Art, welcome to Lat G and to the Road Touring Customs gang. I haven't been to the shop recently but I will be down soon. I'm looking forward to checking out your car. Rich will get you straightened out. He's good people.

Originally Posted by skatinjay27 View Post
man that suck! 2 hack shops in a row... but thats excellent news that rich will be taking care of you, your in good hands now! just call ahead to avoid flash dancing dave! that guys trouble to say the least
Hey hey what happened? I thought we were boys.

The only trouble I am responsible for is encouraging more Nascar parts on other RTC cars.
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