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Old 10-29-2018, 02:06 AM
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Default 1968 widebody Camaro road race project for sale or trade

Item Location (City/State): Phoenix, AZ


1968 widebody Camaro road race project for sale or trade


Chassis design-
The car is built on a full tube chassis designed by Ironworks Speed and Kustom. All parts were CNC machined, laser cut, or bent by computer to exacting standards. The material is 0.90” wall chromoly tubing with full TIG welded seams and hand fitted parts. The design features complete engine, transmission, and suspension from a 1999 C6 Corvette. The interesting feature is that Ironworks was able to design a custom engine pedestal that mounts to the factory engine mounts/cradles that allowed the use of a factory torque tube length. This helps with finding factory replacement parts and the elimination of drivetrain vibration issues associated with extending the torque tube.
For ease of servicing and tuning, Ironworks also made the chassis to have a quick removal of full drive train; Removing the front and rear upper ball joint from the upper A arms, and upper shock eyelets will allow the front and rear cradles to be dropped from the bottom of the car with full engine, suspension, transaxle, and torque tube in place. When using the Aeroquip dry break hydraulic lines on the calipers and throwout bearing, and a 50 pin mil spec wiring harness you can completely unzip the car in under 30 minutes on a lift and do major work with a quick re-assembly without requiring re-bleeding of the systems, or unplugging of wiring connections.

In its current state there is many optional items that can be added based on the new owners vision; air jacks, tow hooks, and undertrays can be effortlessly added should the build require it. The Chromoly is stiff and light. Jacking up one corner lifts 3 wheels off the ground and does not flex. Custom floors, firewall, and trunk were required with this type of build. The wonderful thing about this is that at its current ride height, it has a ground to roof height of 42” and 7 inches of ground clearance. It’s unreal to see in person.

Body design-
I started with a perfect rust free RS/SS big block car. The factory primer was discovered during the widebody process. No panel is replacement; it is all original GM on every panel; from roof to fenders and they were pristine before the paint was stripped. The only aftermarket piece was the cowl hood, which replaced the factory BBC super sport hood with the chrome ‘vent’s.
John McBride was the designer of the overall look of the vehicle. In 2003 I commissioned him to design a full carbon body kit that replaced the front lower valance and fender extensions, added side rocker extensions with optional side exhaust ports, rear diffuser for the underside, and a now very famous, often imitated ‘notch’ rear spoiler. John made many reference drawings to help fabricate this body kit, and in 2004 it was shipped to a company named C-Tek in Costa Mesa, CA; the same company that made the Eleanor body kit for the 67 Mustang fastback used in the movie Gone in 60 Seconds.
The fabricators at C-Tek were able to place the car on a surface plate and begin to make the body kit by hand starting by using modeling clay to shape John McBride’s vision into reality. They refined the clay to match the drawings and made sure the proportions matched the overall size of the car. At that point they made a reverse mold of the clay parts, and then made production parts out of full carbon fiber. These parts are one off items, and the molds were lost to the shuffle of moving, transferring items, and storage. There will never be another car that will look like this one without going through a very labor intensive process.
In 2009 the car was delivered to Ironworks to have the widebody treatment done. Again John McBride designed the flared/stretch concept, and Ironworks nailed the execution of the concept. The process required 100s of hours of metal fabrication to complete. The wheel well ‘eyebrows’ were cut out of the fenders and rear quarters to maintain the factory shape of the car. The idea was to make the flares aggressive without looking comically large. The idea was to combine the stretch type of widebody with a purpose built race car fender flare. We looked to the original design of the Coca-cola glass bottle to help shape the features.
The factory crease running along the belt line of the car was redesigned to make this look appropriate. Ironworks started by cutting the wheel openings at the 12, 3, and 9 o’clock positions. The metal was pulled out and the wheel well eyebrow was welded back in place to clear the wheel and tire at full compression and full steering lock. The creases were then formed on a brake and welded back into the fender to stretch the width without losing the shape and design of the car. The flares were then formed to make up the gap created by the width of the stretch. Overall the car is now 8.5” wider than a factory car. Again this work was performed by hand in bare metal on factory original pristine sheetmetal. The fit and finish on these are impeccable.
Future design-
The car was designed to have an angled radiator and air extractor hood; the concept is that air enters through the front lower air dam opening, have it ducted to the radiator, and then extracted through the hood similar to the C5/C6R race cars used in LeMans. John McBride’s detailed drawings will be included for the future owner to help with fabrication and continuity of the design theme when it comes to this hood extractor design. Rear ľ windows were designed to be fixed in place, made of Lexan, and have NACA ducts that route air to rear diff and trans coolers for the transaxle. The rear tail panel was going to be redone from the now dated C5 Euro tail lights to be a bolt in bare carbon panel with billet factory RS tail lights and a dry break fuel filler to connect to the fuel cell in the trunk. The bare carbon was to play off the blackout tail panel of a big block car. Because of the C6 rear mounted T56 six speed transaxle in the back of the car, the rear seat is not an option for reinstallation.
There are some miscellaneous parts that will be included with this roller. The wheels are HRE 542R directional 5 spokes with Michelin road race tires from a C6R Corvette. These are 3-piece wheels in 18x9 and 18x11 sizes. The tires are not road worthy and are for mock up/rolling purposes only. The full one off body kit will be included but not installed. There is a 1 of 11 ATS Sidewinder accessory drive for an LSX platform included, as is a Porsche 996 gauge cluster for the dash. The factory corvette wheels, accessory drive, and all external engine parts are also included. I have many rare one-off parts I had saved from my time as the former owner of American Touring Specialties that I’ll be including as well; carbon fiber LSX valve covers, and coil pack relocation mounts are a few of these items.

Fabrication left to finish-
The front and rear firewalls, front and rear wheel tubs, and interior brackets need to be built. This includes the dash panel, steering column, seat mounts, and any additional safety bars for the cage. All wiring, plumbing for brake and fuel, need to be made from scratch. The hood and radiator support need to be fabricated and the paint and body completed(mounting of carbon kit, welding of D/R fender flare). There are lots of new directions the car can be taken at this point, so use your imagination.

Asking price is $58,450. I have $140K and 18 years invested to date with all the fabrication work, design, and modeling. Title is clean, and the factory VIN plate is still riveted in place to the factory dash. The dash was removed for roll cage fabrication. The $140K breaks down as follows:
Body kit- $28,100
HRE wheels- $7200
C6 suspension and drivetrain mock up items- $8000
Wide body treatment- $18,000
Chassis- $43,000
Sidewinder accessory drive- $3600
John McBride design- $2500
68 Camaro body- $7500
Old Wayne Due chassis (entirely scrapped) $23,000

It’s time to move on. This car has been my obsession since I purchased it in 1997. The car was underway to be a streetable road race car. The bonus is that in its current state it can still be fully converted to a comfy full interior as we did not install the door bars, harness bars, or further cage parts.

Vehicle is in Phoenix, AZ. Spare parts, body kit, and accessory drive is still in storage at Ironworks in Bakersfield, CA and will be crated and shipped to new owner.

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sad news!
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Bummer - GLWS
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Hate to see this Tyler....though the Porsche sounds like a lot of fun to!
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Price drop- $48,000 or best offer. No longer looking for trades. Purchased a 1966 Porsche.
Need the garage space. Easily the best project for the price.
Old 11-30-2018, 05:20 PM
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Can we see the P-car please?
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Old 12-10-2018, 01:40 PM
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Additional links to see the chassis build and widebody process performed at Ironworks:


You can also call or text me at 949-343-1824 or email at [email protected]
Old 06-17-2019, 11:42 AM
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Bump. Open to offers at this point.
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Spiffav8 (06-17-2019)
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I got 10k and Iím local. Sorry donít get insulted itís what I got. Nice car by the way.
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1HTBRRD (07-31-2019)
Old 10-22-2019, 11:08 AM
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Not insulted, but the wheels/tires alone cost what you're offering.

Car is now in North Phoenix and all parts that were stored at Ironworks are with the car.

Bodywork and chassis on this car are incredible and could not be replicated for anywhere near the asking price.
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