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Originally Posted by andrewb70 View Post

In all honesty, PWM fan control adds a great deal of refinement out our old cars. The information from this thread allowed me to implement it on my Cougar build and it truly is AMAZING! On my GTO, I am using dual Spal fans with binary fan control. The car has a relatively quiet exhaust and when the cooling fans turn on, it sounds like a jet engine.

On the Cougar, I never hear the fan, ever, and I have yet to see it go much above 50% duty cycle even on hot summer days. The C6 fan is rated at 400watts, while the new 6th gen Camaro fan, I believe is 800watts! So yes, amazing.

I hear that. I'm running the dual SPAL fans on my car and with traditional relays the fan noise is very loud even with a loud exhaust and the shock to the charging system when they're switched on is significant.

I'm anxious to get the PWM setup once I get my Terminator installed and running.

Modern refinement is really what distinguishes some of these builds.

Keep the info coming. It's AMAZING. Lol
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Check it out Here
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Old 12-08-2018, 04:59 PM
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Originally Posted by vannatta20 View Post
To get ac control the computer needs to get a serial on request from the bcm. We have a module the sends that signal along with tap shift commands for gen iv and gen v. This control the fan based on ac pressure as well. Works perfectly.
What module do you use? BCM?

Doing the PWM conversion. Would like to get the A/C fan request working.
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