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Old 01-14-2019, 04:22 PM
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Made some progress on the bench Sunday.

Started out by clamping the 4 pieces that make up one side leg together and down to the top sitting on a couple other pieces of tube.

Then took it all apart so I could drill a couple holes in the top piece with the drill press to put bolts in to hold vice mounts in place once finished...then clamped it back down again.

Started running beads and tweaking the welder settings but I couldn't get it to make enough heat just plugged into the 120v outlet near the hoist.

So I moved everything to the back of the shop where my 240v plug is and started over tweaking the settings.

It went MUCH easier with the 240v feeding the Miller.

Got one side done and ground down the crappy welds before calling it a day.

Here's what the floor locks and casters will look like once attached to the legs...

Things should go much faster the next time I get the welder out, hopefully later this week.
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