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Old 02-19-2022, 05:52 AM
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Originally Posted by lenie View Post
hi wayne, just caught up on your car and it sure is coming along nicely but more importantly, i hope your surgery went well and you're recovery is going as planned. Take care wayne.
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Hi Ken, The hip is amazing! When I went for my therapy and they checked my mobility numbers I was ahead of most people whey they finished therapy. I could do stairs with one foot in front of the other three weeks after the surgery. Snow and crappy weather kept me in the house I didn't want to take a digger.
The only problem was they sent me home the afternoon of the surgery with pain meds. (which I never needed) and an antibiotic. The next morning I took one of the antibiotics when the therapist was checking vitals and had me get up. My BP dropped, turned white, not making any sense totally out of it. Ambulance ride back to the hospital oxygen IV the whole works. For four days they couldn't get my BP up all my vitals and blood work was way out of whack. I spent the next 5 day in there across from the nurse station, they couldn't figure it out. The last day I reminded them I was allergic to Ceclor They said your on another pill that is in the family with that. Guess what! They stopped it and I was 90% better the next day. Recovering from the antibiotic took 4-5 weeks, and my balance still isn't great yet. Every once in a while if I go under the car on the lift and tip my head back I look like a drunk trying to walk on ice trying to stay on my feet. So I still have to be careful. Just got back from 3 weeks visiting family in Florida a week ago so going to try to get it running, its already close.

Thanks for checking in guys

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All this car stuff is great and all, but that's nothing in comparison to our health. Great news about the hip recovery and glad to hear the BP issue was figured out. Even after a stint in the hospital, everything worked out. Take it one day at a time and keep getting better Wayne.
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Iím glad your hip is doing better. The drug side effect sucks and I hope you feel better soon.

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