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Old 05-24-2022, 05:48 PM
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Well no matter what I did it wouldn't build enough pressure to release the clutch.

With it in gear up on jack stands it had some intermittent knocking in the bellhousing too. I did not have the flywheel balanced to the new clutch, but did to the old one.... not sure if that's the noise, it would come and go a bit. I had a post awhile back about it sounding "off" with some rattling before but everyone said it was typical for the T56 gears to make some noise.

So all apart... AGAIN..... get it apart and there's some fluid on underside of the TO and the bellhousing has fluid in it..... so it looks like the rebuilt TO bearing is still leaking. Bowler did not find a leak before... rebuilt it anyway and checked again with no leaks. No clue how much pressure they put to it, but its for sure leaking and wont build pressure to release the clutch....

Not happy...... doing this on my back in 90+ degree heat is so much fun.

On the upside.... it wasn't something I jacked up... NOT MY FAULT!!!

Going to get the flywheel and clutch balanced together.... with the transmission out yet again I'm tempted to have it upgraded....maybe Bowler Stage II upgrade....

So much for GoodGuys in 2 weeks
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