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Default '93 Caprice "what if" rendering

The '90s B-Body is definitely not normal fare for Lat-G. I mostly had this rendering done as a "what if" because the actual value of the car is almost nonexistent; more than anything I have it for sentimental value. Since this section is for renderings, I thought I'd share mine as I really like how it turned out.

My grandfather bought this '93 Caprice LS (L03 305 TBI) in '93 with about 5k miles. He and my grandmother took quite a few long-distance trips and made a lot of memories in it. While Grandma passed away nearly 20 years ago, Grandpa was still driving this (sometimes, at least) until he passed away in 2018, not long after his 100th birthday. Nobody else in the family wanted the car, and I've loved the B-body since seeing a Dark Cherry Metallic Impala SS in (I think) late '94. So I was lucky enough to "inherit" it, Illinois rust and all, at no cost. This is my fourth B-body, and will someday have that '96 DCM SS that first drew me to the cars, the clubs, and the people I've met over the years because of them.

My dad's also sentimental and used a relatively absurd amount of his share of life insurance money to get a bunch of wear items replaced on it, before giving it to me. His chosen shop said he should not have driven it on the highway back to Kansas City due to so many parts being bad. Similarly, I am terrified to even try to find out how much it'd cost to repair all the rust. So far my only real mod is Hotchkis lowering springs which I've had for 15+ years new in box, and I am looking forward to needing to replace these truck tires so I can get rid of the 15" wheels (see below).

A couple Christmases ago, a fellow B-body nut at Buddy's Digital Designs had a sale on renderings so I thought I might as well get one done. The changes are not too crazy; for some reason I like the "old man tan" and the shiny bits which I'd never want to keep on a darker-colored car.
* Fix the dings and rust cancer (rear quarters, front door skins, rockers, probably more)
* Might as well just replace the front doors with '95-6 parts that have much better mirrors
* The wheels are 18x9.5 Ridler 605. They're as close as I can picture that fit the grandpa-mobile style of the car
* I forgot to request replacing the door handles with the style on most new cars where you pull the handle out to open it

To accomplish the dreams would require the pallet of cash from the attached Breaking Bad screen shot. Ideally I would have The Roadster Shop do a SP3C chassis and stick a "regular" LS3 under the hood. This car came with 2.56 gears and no posi, so I'd pick whichever six-speed auto and some 3.73s or 4.10s to still be tolerable on the highway. Replace the cloth bench seats with leather and a full center console so the car can have usable cupholders front and rear; much much much better audio for long trips; a better steering wheel (in '91-3, they were horrible) and instrument cluster. Just to modernize the car while keeping the bathtub styling I love.

I think it'd be fun to drive Route 66 at least to Arizona and visit family there, and do Hot Rod Power Tours. See the USA in your Chevrolet, right? I can't imagine ever seriously racing this, but it'd be so nice to keep it on the road for as long as possible.

Thanks for humoring me.
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