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Old 04-01-2021, 07:22 AM
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Default Pontiac 24x EFI , Coil near plug system

Been about a year since I got my Pontiac 24x EFI , Coil near plug system running & on the road. Aside from some expect tuning bits initially, it has performed flawless. My old TBI setup doesn't hold a candle to this. I made extra sets for my other cars & for others. I use an 0411 GM ECU but others can also be utilized. Its wonderful being able to datalog all the parameters of the old Poncho engine & fine tune. Overall the car/ engine feels more livelier & more responsive even compared to well tuned carb & TBI setups.

Here's a short video of it running on the car.


One might say, why this over say a Holley system.
1) Holley ticked me off years ago in this area , not the worker's fault, corporate.
2) You can obtain any of the sensors at a locale parts store if needed.
3) Anyone that can tune GM (or ECU of choice) can hook up to this via ODB2 port
4) "Why not LS/LT swap?" - Pure personal preference. Its the best of both worlds. Old school looks & feel with modern tech & reliability.

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