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Old 03-16-2021, 09:40 AM
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Got my 1st Vaccine Shot yesterday ( at a FEMA site)! I never saw so many Happy people in my life!

It was staffed with members of the Air Force and was incredibly organized. I was in & out in 1/2 hour
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Old 03-16-2021, 05:29 PM
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Diet is one of the most over complicated things on this planet. All the fad diets over the last 50 years has brain washed the American public to a large degree.

The Atkins diet.
The NO/Low Fat diet.
And the list goes on to infinity.

There are only three ingredients to the human diet. Carbs, Fats, and Protein. Our bodies need all three in reasonable balance. Scientists have managed to modify and preserve foods where they will last for years on the shelf! If you look at the label and you can't pronounce the ingredients or the list is a mile long, it's probably not something you want to eat on a regular basis. Whole, fresh, and organic foods are the purest. God made it really simple before man and profits got involved. Remember, you are literally what you eat. Fats are crucial so I'm not a fan of the low fat diet. I had six pack abs with plenty of fats in my diet at age 41! It's the type of fats that matter. I'm not one who thinks saturated fats are off limits. I just try to limit them and utilize the poly and monosaturated fats more often that you find in things like beans, avocados, peanut butter, and olive oil. Instead of butter on your potato, try olive oil. Instead of breakfast sausage, try peanut butter and an apple. Etc.. It doesn't need to be every time, but when you start to make those type of changes consistently, it will effect your health over the long run.
I can tell you from experience that when you have your carbs, fats, and protein in the proper balance, your body will react very positively. The American diet is typically overloaded with carbs, unhealthy fats, and way too much protein.

There is no doubt as we age that our tendency for our cholesterol to go up increases naturally. But, sometimes our poor habits compound too. I don't know about you, but I'm constantly taking stock on different areas of my life. I have the tendency to become complacent and start to get off track. Success leaves clues. When you were the healthiest, what worked for you? What adjustments should you consider to move you back in that direction? What new knowledge would you benefit from?

Lastly for today. A majority of Americans have a very ACIDIC diet. A majority of foods are acidic. Meat, wheat, dairy, soda, coffee, and even most sparkling waters! Even tap water is close to neutral. The only way to really offset an acidic diet is with vegetables/fruit and lots of water. Why does it matter? Your body depletes nutrients in your bones and organs to to neutralize your blood. You're making your body work overtime with a crappy/acidic diet. As you can imagine, that can lead down a very ugly road over time. Perhaps you have a fruit for desert once in a while or chase the coffee down with a glass of water. Have a few more salads for lunch. I've found fasting or running lean to really heighten my senses and enhance my energy levels when it's not done to an extreme.
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ADY (03-17-2021)
Old 04-07-2021, 02:59 PM
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So I've been on a portion control diet for about a month with a concentration on greens and a limitation on red meats with total stop of sweets (even no sugar in coffee). It took some getting used to which included a week or so of lightheadedness and weakness before I added back in enough nuts and other proteins to fulfil the cravings and stop the dizziness. I'm down from 178ish to 165 pounds and hit a low of 163.5# at the height of my colonoscopy prep Monday morning.

Speaking of scopes, I'm clean, no polyps and released for another 10 years with no risk.

I would have LOVED to have blood work done exactly when totally cleaned out like that. Everything I've read says your blood is affected almost immediately by changes in environment or what is introduced or ingested into your body and at that point, there was practically zero outside anything introduced into my body.

Anyway, I seem to be holding steady around 165 and am feeling pretty good. I'm comfortable with the change in food intake and am anxious to get tested again to see how the changes have worked on lowering my cholesterol.
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