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Old 06-26-2022, 02:21 PM
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Default Setting Pedal stop

You can look at my other thread and see the issues where my TO blew fluid all over and smoke my clutch.....

Well got the Mcleod rebuilt.... new Tilton TO and master.... all back together.

So I’m really confused with setting the pedal stop height.

If I do the Tilton way…. Rear wheels up, in 1st, someone try to turn the wheels and as I push in clutch, note the pedal height when I can turn the rear wheel… set stop ¼ past that- If I do it that way, when the car is running, wheels up, in 1st, push it clutch, the rear wheels are still rotating some....slow but still turning. I have to lower the stop WAY down to get that to stop happening.

Did another way… car off… on a slight incline… in 1st…. slowly depress the pedal and note when the car starts to roll and use that as my reference for the pedal stop point. That way the pedal reference is much higher…. Like the Tilton way.

With the car running…. In 1st… up off the ground… clutch depressed… the wheel should not be turning at all…. Correct? Or am I missing something here……

What the hell am I doing wrong here?

The first set up I had it set the Tilton way, but not clue if the wheel turned when clutch was in, car up in 1st gear etc.

Haven't figured out what went wrong the first time so I'm trying to not repeat the same issue
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