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Default Asphalt Modified Discussion

I sent Ron Sutton a PM regarding some help I am trying to provide a friend that purchased my old Asphalt Modified some years ago. He thought it would be helpful to start a thread just in case anyone was interested in the discussion. So here we go. We have had quite a bit of instability with asphalt short track racing in southwestern PA for the last 5+ years I would say. Because of that and other reasons this car hasn't run much. With the start of 2014 both 1/2 mile tracks have been purchased by new owners and will be opened with full race schedules. It's not important to the discussion, but here is the car before I sold it. Everyone likes pictures!

The current owners want to come back out and run a full season. In the years that have passed since I ran it the engine rules have changed to a point that the combination he has is not competitive. They are on a budget and can't go to one of the top builders in the area that have good packages. I want to try and point them in the right direction so that when they freshen their engine here in the next few weeks, they can make some changes for the better. As we all know tailoring an engine for it's intended purpose is a complex deal. I am quite sure we will not be able to go all out, but the discussion should be interesting. On to the details:

The rules the track currently uses are as follows. I trimmed them to just what applies to this car.
*Must be NASCAR recognized small block engines.
*Maximum engine displacement of 360 cid.
*Must be stock cast iron blocks with all standard internal and external
dimensions except the allowable maximum overbore.
*Steel crank and rods only.
*Minimum crankshaft weight 48 lbs.
*No modifications to the crankshaft counterweights.
*Crankshaft must be identical in construction and appearance as OEM crankshaft.
*Minimum rod journal size 2.100 minus .030.
*The stroke may not be increased or decreased.
*Pistons must be 3 ring grooves with 3 rings in place flat tops or dished.
*No portion of the piston may protrude above the top of the block.
*Crankshaft must be stock stroke for the engine size being used.
*Compression ratio may not exceed 10.8/1 as computed by the track KATECH whistler. NO TOLERANCE.
*No dry sump oiling permitted.
*Engines must be a minimum of 350 cid.
*No coatings on any internal engine parts including but not limited to ceramic.

*Cast iron stock heads only. No Vortec style or center mounted valve cover mounting stud - style permitted.
*General Motors may use GM #10134392 casting #14011034, GM
#3987376 casting #3991492, GM #12480034.
*General Motors may not use GM #12529093 casting #102339906
*All valves must remain identical to stock OEM for head being used.
*No porting, port matching, polishing, Hog Cutting or cleaning up of the
heads permitted.
*2 valves per cylinder.
*Only steel valves and valve springs permitted.
*Flat tappet cams and lifters ONLY
*No mushroom, roller, or oversized lifter permitted.
*Stud mounted roller rocker arms permitted, maximum 1.65to 1 ratio
*Listed below is the ONLY approved intake manifolds permitted.
*These manifolds must remain as manufactured. No porting, port matching, grinding or polishing permitted.
*Manifolds may not be painted.
*All part numbers are Edelbrock Performer Series intake manifolds:
*Following is the ONLY approved carburetor:
1. Holley 2300 two-barrel 500 CFM carburetor, model #4412, including
the HP model.
(The rework guidelines dictate the carb should not be modified and pass all Holley gauge inspections.)
*ONLY a Moroso #64966 un-modified carburetor adapter permitted.
*Gaskets used between carb and adapter must be paper .065 inch maximum thickness.
*Maximum of two gaskets, carb to adapter to manifold permitted.
*Fuel must be race gasoline with no oxygen carrying additives. NO METHANOL.

I forgot to add, they also have to run a 6300rpm rev limiter chip

I know that was long and involved Ron, but better to have all the information. Their current combination requires new pistons, but they want to reuse their crank and rods. Crank is a stock 3.48" stroke chevy steel crank. I believe they have 6" I-Beam rods that are not considered light weight. I can ge the specs if needed. The areas that are open for improvement are pistons, heads, and cam. They have the intake and carb. Currently they have 492 heads with 2.02 and 1.6 valves. They worked well when we ran 350cfm carbs with restrictor plates. Now I think they can do better with 034 bow tie heads.

I'll quit now and hopefully you can give me some thoughts. Thanks very much for your time. I'm really excited to get my foot back in this circle a bit.
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