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Default The Subframe Market Grows and Specializes

Part 1


This may or may not be interesting for most, however I did a small amount of research into what Sub frames makers are out there and what is the current market offering by them.

I will warn you, this is a very long post, so if it's just going to bore you or P*ss you off, feel free to pass on it.

I wasn't able to get EVERY product of it's kind on the market, but just a sampling. If you know some that could be added to this list, please add them to it.

Some of the samples I took I didn't include all the links associated with it, so please if your interested an all the information, click on any links you can find with regards to the sub frame.

As mentioned in another post some companies are really broadening their product line to hit all the sub frame niches that might be in the market. One company offered 4 different. (Drag, Road Race, Wide Track, and replacement)

Others are changing the track width from -2 inches to +4 inches.

Here is what I have found so far. Please add to it.


Ty O'neal

BTW: Here are some specs for a Trans-Am racer of the day.
Wheelbase, in................................................ ..................................108"

Track f/r in.............................................. .....................................61/60

Ground clearance in .................................................. ...........................4"

Curb wt (w/o fuel) lb .................................................. ....................2980

Distribution f/r................................................. ..............................52/48

Frame type: Unitized with separate front subframe.

Front suspenson: Independent by S.L A., coil springs. Koni adj racing shocks spec .88 in anti-roll bar. Modified with longer spindle, eccentric plastic bushings.

Rere suspension: Hotchkiss-type live axle, multi-leaf springs, Koni adjustable racing shocks, .50 in. anti roll bar. Panhard track bar, Steering: Recirculating ball oa ratio, 17 to 1.

Brakes: Corvette 11.75 to 1. in dia. disc, front & rear; vacum assist' adjustable proportioning vavle,

Ferodo DS11 pads.

Wheels: 15 x 9 Minilite magnesium wheels.

Tires: Goodyear Blue Streak Racing. 5.00/11.30-15 front. (9 in tread)

600./12.30-15 rear, (11 in tread).

Type.............................................. ...............................ohv V-8 by Traco

Bore x Stroke, in .................................................. ..................4.02X3.00

Displacement, cu . in................................................ .....................304.6

Compression ratio............................................. .............................12.1

Fuel required.........................Sunoco 260 Super Premimu (103 octane)

Bhp @ rpm............................................... ..........................440 @ 7200

Carburetion 2 x 4 Holley 600 cfm, cross-ram manifold

Valve train: Mechanical lifters, HD pushrods.

Microsealed HD rocker arms, Traco valves & springs.

Camshaft: Chevrolet high perf (PN 3927140).

Tming deg. int. / exh........................53-100 / 101-65

Duration: int. /exh ...................................333/346.

Lift, in. int / exh .................................473 / .492

Exhaust system: Steel tubing headers ...................1.75 dia. 36 in . tuned length : 36 in. tuned length; 3.5-in. dia. colector pipe. 44 in. tuned length

CLUTCH: Schiefer competition single dry disc.

Transmission: HD Close ratio 4-speed "rock crusher" (m22).

Gear Ratios:





Final drive: Hypoid w / Positrac limited slip. 12 axle ratios available, from 3.07 to 5.13
AFter Market Sub frames
I just tried to post this and it looked sloppy, I'm going to try again. If I fail, the information will be there it will just be harder to read. I did however also post the links associated with each of them.

BTW: You will find the competitors doing a lot of comparison between themselves. It's a bit like the current state of politics.

In any case, Enjoy!


On Sep 13, 2007, at 3:27 AM, Ty O'Neal wrote:


2795 S.E. 23rd ¤ Lincoln City, OR 97367 ¤ Order (800) 824-1752 ¤ Tech (541) 994-7717 ¤ Fax (541) 994-2397


The most adjustable, superior, Bolt-In handling package, you won't believe!

- Tube A-arms, 1" upper 1 ¼" lower
- Upper A-arms 1" X .156" wall D.O.M (Drawn Over Mandrel) tubing
- Lower A-arms 1 ¼" X .156" wall D.O.M. tubing
- Body mounts, core support, bumper bracket mounts, engine/trans mounts-BB or SB
- GM, Baer, or Wilwood Disc Brakes
- QA1 adjustable coilover shocks or AirRide Tech. Shockwave Bags
- Super strong 2x4 box tube construction with beefy tubular structural supports
- 1" dia. anti-sway bar
- Rack & pinion steering

- Upper A-arms
- Stance 3-4"
- 12-position QA1 coilover shocks
- multi-position trans mount

A new custom designed, jig-built, Pro-Touring, direct replacement subframe with Twenty First Century handling, stopping, and steering is now available from Jim Meyer Racing Products for the 1970-81 Camaro. This fully adjustable bolt-in subframe features 3-4-inches of stance adjustment, has adjustable upper tubular A-arms with either of Jim Meyer’s custom drop spindles or stock replacement spindles and is complete with a pre-drilled trans crossmember for all the popular GM & most aftermarket transmissions.

The beefy tubular construction offers a narrower 60-inch front track that will handle either BB or SB power. The new 2 X 4 X .188-inch wall subframe has more header room then stock and will accept 10-inch wide front wheels/tires. It also features mounts for stock core support, engine and trans, body mounts and bumper bracket mounts all in their stock locations.

The standard package includes 11-inch GM disc brakes, 1-inch diameter anti-sway bar, manual rack-and-pinion steering, and QA1 adjustable coilover shocks. Your options include either Baer (13 or 14-inch Disc) or Wilwood (12.19 or 13-inch) super stoppers, two-inch Jim Meyer drop spindles, power rack-and-pinion steering, Air Ride Technologies ShockWave suspension system and nickel plated components.

For more information contact Jim Meyer Racing Products, Inc.

1967-1969 Sub frame
The Bolt-In Subframe features a 59" track width, which is 3" narrower than stock.
The one-inch anti-sway bar (A) comes with the standard package. (Click to enlarge these photos, your back button will bring you back to this page.)
The Pro-Touring Subframe is available with nickel plated components. On Pro-Touring Subframe, the front frame horns accept stock Bumper Brackets and core support in their stock locations.

The new Pro-Touring direct replacement subframe is designed to accept up to a 10" wide wheel/tire combination.

The Jim Meyer GM style spindles with 11" GM Rotors and Calipers are featured in the standard package. Optional Baer SuperStoppers (13" or 14") and Wilwood 12.19 or 13-inch are a direct replacement upgrade.

The standard suspension package features QA1 12-position adjustable coilover shocks, or our adjustable Vari shocks, or the optional ShockWave Air suspension system (shown) will give you the stance and the look you like best.

Beefy engine mounts (A) will accept BB/SB motor mounts. (B) The 2x4x.188-inch wall box tube crossmember is pulse-tig welded to the 2x4 rails. (C) Optional Power Rack.

The new Jim Meyer Subframe design includes A 3-position adjustable upper coilover mount for about 3-4" of stance adjustment. (A)

The fully adjustable trans crossmember will accept 6 of the most popular GM transmissions and most aftermarket transmissions.
Our crossmember brackets for the inside of the frame rails feature all the correct holes to accept any GM transmission length.

The upper offset coilover mount bracket can be flipped for even more stance adjustment (A). This is possibly the most adjustable stance subframe in the marketplace! The upper A-arms are fully adjustable for camber and caster to give you the handling the way you like to drive (under steer or over steer).

Stock body mounts are all in their stock locations. Clean pulse tig-welds connect the vertical 2x4 box tube to the horizontal transition box tube.
End of Part 1
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Default Part 2

Part 2

Martz Chassis


martz chassis inc

-leaders in front suspension systems since 1970

1967-69, 70-81 Camaro: 1968 & Up Nova Subframes

Martz Chassis Camaro Front Suspension Unit $2,850.00

Complete bolt in replacement units come standard with the following features:

GM Disc Brakes
Tubular Control Arms with Urethane Bushings
Eccentric Bolts for Quick Caster and Camber Adjustments
Standard or Drop Height Spindles
Adjustable Height: Standard height to 3” lower
4 ½ or 4 ¾ Bolt Pattern
Front Mounted Rack & Pinion Steering: Power or Manual
Core Support mounts & bumper mounts Installed
Mounts installed in frame to accept short GM engine mounts
Mount installed for use of stock rear crossmember (crossmember not supplied)
Reduces Front Weight by Nearly 200 Lb.
Air Ride Airbags also available
Hoop pipes that mount to firewall , 67-69 Camaro's only
Shipping not included
Martz Chassis Drag Racing Unit Completely Assembled*

Unit includes Items mentioned above with the following upgrades from the standard unit:
Wilwood Heavy Duty Racing Disc Brakes $650.00
QA1 Adjustable Coil Overs $240.00

Martz Chassis Wide Track Unit Completely Assembled*

Unit Includes All features mentioned above. Shown with Adjustable Coil Overs and Wilwood Disc Brakes.
The Martz Chassis Wide Track features control arms to extend the tread width to 4 inches over the stock location so that the new corvette or after market wheels with a wider offset can be used.
Unit also available with Martz Chassis Coil Overs and GM brakes for $2,850.00

Martz Chassis Rally & Road Race Unit Completely Assembled*

Unit Includes all of the features listed in the standard Martz Chassis Drag unit with the following options:

SCP 1" Sway Bar $300
Wilwood Heavy Duty Disc Brakes $650
QA1 Adjustable Coil Overs $240

*completely assembled at no extra charge for in-shop pick ups. Due to shipping requirements, units cannot be completely assembled when shipped.
All units begin at $2850.00. Additional upgrades available. Prices Subject to change without notice.

Also Available:

AirRide Suspensions
LS1 and LS6 Compatible frames
Rear Suspension Kit for Camaro's and Nova's
For 1967-69 Camaro Rear Installation Instructions Click HERE
For 1970-73 Camaro Rear Installation Instructions Click HERE
For Camaro and Late Nova kit explosion, click here


`67-`69 Camaro Front Subframe with new Pro-G™ Suspension

HEIDT’S has done it again, releasing its new `67-`69 Camaro Front Subframe featuring their new Pro-G™ Front Suspension. This state of the art suspension was designed specifically for this new subframe which bolts directly in place with no floor modifications. This is not just another warmed-over or adapted street rod suspension kit, but it is truly a new system, designed for absolute handling and performance, with true race car geometry and characteristics. 1-1/4” Upper and 1-1/2” lower Tubular arms, HEIDT’S Billet Adjustable Coil-Overs, 11” brakes, Tall Dropped Spindles, and Rack & Pinion are included. Options include Trans Crossmember, Polished Stainless Control Arms, Polished Billet Coil-Overs, 12” and 13” Disc Brakes, power Rack & Pinion, and Front Sway Bar.

Price starts at $3,695

Polished Stainless Control Arm Upgrade add $649
Polished Shock Upgrade add $80
Power Rack & Pinion Upgrade add $150
1” Performance Sway Bar $229
1-1/4” Performance Sway Bar $249
Urethane Body Mount Kit $89
Adjustable Trans Cross member $149
Power Steering Hook-Up Kit $259
Manual Steering Hook-Up Kit $259
11” Drilled and Slotted Rotor, Polished Caliper Upgrade add $200
11” Drilled and Slotted Rotor, Red Caliper Upgrade add $230
12” Drilled and Slotted Rotor, Black Rotor Upgrade add $250
12” Drilled and Slotted Rotor, Polished Caliper Upgrade add $250
12” Drilled and Slotted Rotor, Red Caliper Upgrade add $280
13” Drilled and Slotted Rotor, Black Caliper Upgrade add $1,185
13” Drilled and Slotted Rotor, Polished Caliper Upgrade add $1,385
13” Drilled and Slotted Rotor, Red Caliper Upgrade add $1,585

For all technical questions or for other inquiries about our products, please CALL 1-800-841-8188
Last modified: March 20, 2007
Alston Chassisworks


Quantity in Basket: None
Code: CA-7701
Price: $1,395.00

Price as shown $6000. Does not come painted.
Simply remove your stock frame and replace it with this lightweight, incredibly strong, state-of-the-art bolt on frame from Chris Alston’s Chassisworks! Also perfect for our new Camaro Bodies. Formed out of laser cut, CNC machined precision-bent steel, it is fixture welded for an exact fit. Includes billet side-motor-frame adapters, factory radiator support mounts, stock bumper holes, e-brake cable mounts, crossmember brackets, clutch shaft mount, and mid mount plates. Track width is 60” from brake hub to brake hub. Ships via truck. Ask your sales rep for additional options including crossmembers, rack & pinion steering, control arms, etc. Fits 1967-69 Camaro & 1968-72 Nova.

g-Machine Direct-Fit Subframe Suspension

System for 1967-69 Camaro and 1968-74 Nova
The Most Complete Subframe System
Chassisworks’ muscle car, g-Machine Camaro subframe is a direct-fit, high-performance, suspension solution, designed for classic GM F-body (967-69 Camaro and Firebird) and X-body (968-74 Nova, Apollo, Omega, and Ventura) vehicles. The system features Chassisworks g-Machine double A-arm, rack-and-pinion crossmember.
Its direct bolt-on design enables a time-saving, straight-forward installation that requires absolutely no custom fabrication. Unlike others, ours is the only subframe that includes mounting provisions for all major vehicle system components, as well as an optional chassis stiffening, subframe connector system. As an option, factory welded motor plate and mid plate brackets can be added for vehicles requiring maximum chassis stiffness.
Base bolt-on subframe (770, above) must be combined with a suspension
and steering package (PKG A-ARM, right) to form a complete system.

Precision Fit Quality Through Advanced Technology

One of the key pieces of advanced technical equipment used
in development of our vehicle retrofit component system is the
FaroArm portable coordinate measuring machine. The FaroArm
is an articulating, multi-segmented arm that enables precise
three-dimensional digitization of vehicle surfaces and mounting
points, accurate to within .003”. To begin, multiple identical
vehicles are extensively measured to find the OEM tolerance
range we must accommodate in our final design. From these
scans, an exact model of the vehicle chassis is created in our
Pro/Engineer software. Engineers can then accurately and
efficiently design systems, simulate movement or conditions,
and conduct Finite Element Analysis (FEA) testing to optimize
performance and durability before physically making any parts.
Manufacturing fixtures and tooling are also based on the
original vehicle scans, avoiding loose tolerances of transferred
prototype dimensions, and ensuring the quality and ease of fit
of the final product.

Clean Sheet Design, Not Revised OEM Geometry

Chassisworks’ g-Machine front end is a truly versatile “high-
performance” system, suitable for g-Machines, muscle cars, or
any project in need of optimized handling. State-of-the-art en-
gineering workstations with Pro/ENGINEER software, combined
with our advanced, automated factory enabled Chassisworks’
engineers to create a current technology, competitively priced
g-Machine front clip and suspension for 1967-69 Camaros
and 1968-74 Novas. The complete suspension and steering
system is factory welded directly to the bent-tube billet-com-
ponent crossmember, ensuring perfect geometry, and elimi-
nating the need to weld multiple pieces, or make complicated
measurements while installing the system. Chassisworks new
g-Machine design is far superior in performance, reliability,
and ease of installation than components made to replace
40-year-old 60’s muscle car geometry, and variants of the
30-year-old Mustang II suspension. Although late-model
Corvette based systems offer similar performance, your choice
of wheels is extremely limited to flat-face, high-negative-offset

End of Part 2
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Default Part 3

The Truth about Hydroforming and It’s Myth of Superiority

With the tremendous hype surrounding hydroforming we feel its time to explain the pros and cons of Hydroforming. Hydroforming starts with a pre-bent tube in the basic frame shape needed. Internal hydraulic pressure is then applied to further form the bent tube into the shape of a mold cavity that matches the exterior of the new frame component. Hydroformed components can be produced very inexpensively which explains their popularity with OEM automobile manufacturers. The major drawback
to hydroforming is that the tooling is very expensive. As the demand for frames in the automotive after market is very small compared to the volume an OEM builder needs, the tooling cost must be amor-
tized over an infinately smaller quantity of parts. This alone could add hundreds of dollars to the selling price of a frame. The second problem is the tube must be stretched to flow into the mold cavity thus
decreasing its wall thickness. This also makes some shapes impossible to form. This is why Hydroformed frames look so much like a stock frame, they both suffer from the same manufacturing limitations. Chassis works’ manufacturing method to produce complex aftermarket frames avoids the drawbacks of hydro forming. Laser-cut sheet blanks are formed into shape with a sophisticate CNC controlled forming The FaroArm is used to digitally scan multiple vehicles and create an exact
computer model for development.
press and then robotically welded together. This process produces very elaborate and vehicle specific
frames which can be built economically in the small aftermarket quantities

Chassis works can accomplish this because we have the most advanced state-of-the-art manufacturing facility building aftermarket
frames and components. Our flexible manufacturing methods were designed specifically to build lower volume sophisticated parts. Look at our chassis products and you will see that they are all very elaborate,
application specific, with a tremendous amount of individual accessories to compliment each other.

The Chassisworks’ design is superior in these key areas:

Chassisworks fabricated subframe is larger and stronger than all other tubular designs. Large 3” x 4” subframe structure at the critical chassis stiffness area from the suspension cross- member rearward, through the firewall mounts. By making our own billet rack-and-pinion assembly, we are able to offer perfect front-suspension geometry at the correct hub-to-hub width. Rack and pinion is placed forward of the axle centerline (front steer) for better oil-pan clearance and rotates to eliminate sharp universal joint angles and improve exhaust clearance. Virtually no bumpsteer in 6” of suspension travel enables predictable handling regardless of the
vehicle’s changing pitch-or roll-state. Broad lower A-arm increases load capacity and stability during braking and cornering. Lower A-arm length reduces track width change and roll center movement during suspension
travel, for smoother transitions entering and exiting turns.
Lower shock mount is located very close to the balljoint, increasing the shock-motion ratio, and allowing use of lighter, lower rate springs
for better suspension control without degrading ride quality.

The g-Machine spindle is taller than OEM spindles which increases camber gain during body roll, keeping tires in better contact with road surface.
Two-inch dropped spindle lowers ride height and center of gravity to improve overall handling. Short/Long Arm Suspension (SLA) layout
is a compact, low-profile suspension design that leaves plenty of room around the engine. Traditional hub-style spindle accepts up to 4” brakes with more wheel choices than Corvette-style spindles. Suspension and Steering Components A broad range of suspension and steering
components enable the system to be custom outfitted to match your performance requirements. Options include: manual or power
rack-and-pinion, Street- or g-Machine control arms, behind-crossmember
or forward-of-rack mounted antiroll bars, fabricated or sculpted spindles, and -3/4”-rotor for street brakes, or 3”- and 4”-rotor for high-performance brakes. Bolt-on installation, perfect geometry, and tailored performance make the g-Machine system an excellent choice for your next
True Direct-Fit NoFab Installation

Direct-fit installation ensures that all major drivetrain components remain in their exact factory positions. Engine height and set-back are stock, requiring no additional hood clearance or modification to the firewall or transmission tunnel. Two mounting styles of antiroll bars are available. The
standard rear mount antiroll bar has the same forward clearance as the stock Camaro clip. Optional splined-end, forward-mount, antiroll bar attaches under the front frame rails, forward of the rack and pinion to provide approximately two-more inches of forward pan clearance. A hub-to-hub width of 60” matches the original factory dimensions, allowing use of preexisting or factory wheels without the need for spacers. Ride height is approximately -/” to ” below stock and maintains 4-/” of ground clearance below the suspension crossmember. The system accepts factory height (5.5”) tires, with up to an ” tire section width and 5” wheel backspacing. Acceptable sizes include: 75/45-6, 75/40-7, 75/35-8, 75/30-9, and 75/5-0. Note: 967-68 Camaro fenders may limit tire section width to 9.5”. \

Fabricated Subframe with Integrated g-Machine Crossmember
Subframe Design and Construction

The subframe structure is made up of specially-fabricated frame rails, frame horns, and our g-Machine suspension crossmember. Our unique completely enclosed subframe structure is stronger and more rigid
than commonly used open-channel designs. Each frame rail is assembled from four separate, -gauge (.04”) sheet metal panels to create a strong, yet lightweight boxed structure. This assembly procedure enables us to construct a tapering frame rail with uniformed wall thickness throughout the entire structure; not possible by any other manufacturing technique. Rail width remains constant at 3”, but height gradually increases from 3”-tall, underneath the body where clearance is of concern, to 4” at the
suspension crossmember, where strength and stability are highly important. Rail panels are CNC-laser cut and include numerous detailed positioning features. Once the contour bends have been made at our fully-automated press, the panels are assembled using the positioning features.
Similar to a three-dimensional puzzle, the rail panels can only be fit together in the absolute correct shape. The four corner seams are welded with a continuous bead to completely bond the joint. Subframe rails,
suspension crossmember, and various mounts are then assembled and welded in a fixture. The final fixture welding of the sub-assemblies ensures that body, motor, transmission, and bumper mounts are perfectly
positioned for a trouble-free installation. Completed base subframe assemblies are shipped as bare steel with raw corner welds. As an option, welds can be sanded smooth ready for paint or powder coating.
Part Number Description Price 770 Base g-Machine Welded Subframe Assembly, ‘67-69 Camaro, ‘68-74 Nova $395.00
OPTION Sanded Corner Welds 375.00

End of Part 3
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Default Part 4

Single-Piece 4” x 2” g-Machine Crossmember
Bent-tube, billet-component crossmembers are a completely closed rigid structure with greater strength, and resistance to bending and twisting
than other designs. Formed from a single-piece of 4 x  x .0” steel tubing, large radius mandrel bends are placed at each end to distribute loads
throughout the crossmember, eliminating fatigue points at critical areas. Slots for the billet-mount tabs are machined in a large horizontal machin-
ing center with dedicated fixturing to guarantee correct component geometry, ensuring the suspension moves as designed.

Interlocking Slot-Tab Technology

Self-fixturing female slots used with machined male tabs, provide an interlocking assembly method which enables A-arm, rack and pinion, and shock mounts to be accurately positioned in all axes. This guarantees
the suspension will perform as designed. Non-interlocking designs are not nearly as accurate after welding. Superior spray- arc welding process produces the best weld penetration with excellent appearance.
Billet Steel A-arm Mounts with Pivot Pins Billet-steel, CNC-machining allows us to create A-arm mounts with specific areas of increased thickness for added strength; not possible with other designs. Unlike slot or eccentric mounted A-arms,
Chassisworks exclusive fixed-axis pivot-pin design eliminates the
possibility of shifting pivot shafts, provides greater shear strength
and increases bending resistance. Threaded bosses at each end of
the mount enable use of set screws to lock A-arm pivot-pins into
position. Using slot-tab technology, upper A-arm billet-mounts
snap and weld into place providing anti-dive geometry and cap-
ping the open ends of the 4 x ” crossmember to better distribute
forces, decrease flex throughout the structure, and provide a solid
location for the upper shock mount. The lower A-arm mount is a
single-piece component passing directly through the crossmem-
ber and supported by the antiroll bar mounting plate to distribute
bending forces throughout the crossmember. This increases rigid-
ity and geometry accuracy of the control arm for more predictable

One-Piece Clevis Shock Mount

Our g-Machine upper shock mounthas a -5/6”-wide, formed clevis which accepts /” mounting hardware and provides adequate clearance for use with VariShock coil-overs or Shock- WaveTM air suspension. Our one-piece design with integrated gusset across the top, and sides extending downward, bridge the billet upper A-arm mount to the 4 x ” crossmember. This provides a larger, more stable mount base, with better appearance than welded designs, and eliminates bending fatigue possible with common sheet metal or tubing mounted designs of other manufacturers.

Anit-Roll Bar
Mount PlateSingle-Piece
Billet Lower
A-Arm Mount
Billet Upper
A-Arm Mount
Locating features are machined into each crossmember to enable self-positioning of billet components. Billet rack-and-pinion mount inserts into
machined slot on crossmember.
Billet Rack Mounts and Clamps

Steel billet rack mounts, using dual slot-tab technology, form an interlocking bridge between the  x 4 cross member and billet aluminum rack brackets. The angled mount fixture welds to 4 x ” cross member, attaching to rack body at widest points, while positioning rack above bottom of cross member, safe from road hazards. Billet aluminum rack clamps attach into interlocking grooves in the rack gearbox, preventing flex in hard cornering unlike rubber-mounted designs. This also allows rotation of input shaft to aid steering shaft installation around engine obstacles and exhaust system.

Subframe Installation Features
Detailed Installation Guide

Included with each g-Machine Camaro subframe is a very detailed 04-page installation guide. The guide features over 300 individual photos completely illustrating the installation process at each and every step. Beginning with clip assembly, and then continuing on with removal of factory components and final installation, our comprehensive guide makes installation and setup an uncomplicated task.

Alignment Holes

To simplify subframe alignment in relation to the body, the OEM alignment holes have been duplicated on the g-Machine sub frame. Note that not all replacement subframes on the market have this important feature. A pair of CNC-machined alignment pins is supplied to make subframe installation
simple, and highly accurate.

Body Bushings

Body bushing kits are available for g-Machine or stock sub- framed 967-69 Camaro/Firebirds and 968-79 Novas; in urethane (P/N 68) or billet aluminum (P/N 686). Urethane bushings have adequate rigidity for performance street cars, but significantly dampen noise and vibration transferred into the passenger area. Billet aluminum bushings are more suitable for road race or drag race vehicles where maximum rigidity is
required, and noise and vibration are less of a concern.

Part Number Description Price
686 Subframe to Body Bushings, Billet Aluminum, ’67-8 Camaro/Firebird,
and ’68-74 Nova (set of 6) $65.00
68 Subframe to Body Bushings, Black Urethane, ’67-8 Camaro/Firebird,
and ’68-74 Nova (set of 6) 78.00 Billet Aluminum Body Bushing (6816)
Alignment Pins Included Alignment Hole Urethane Body Bushing Pinion Rotated Up Pinion Rotated DownSlot-Tab Technology, Interlocking Joint
Engine Mount Options

Multiple engine-mount bracket options enable true bolt-in installation for nearly any drivetrain. Standard side mount brackets for small-block, big-block, and LS-style V8 engines; as well as small- or big-block motor plates, and mid plates for more serious performance applications are available. To positively locate the engine, driver’s side motor plates, mid plates, and side-mount frame brackets have correct- sized bolt holes. Passenger’s side mounts use slightly over-sized slots to facilitate installations with minor
chassis variances. Subframes ship with all mounts factory welded and ready for installation.

Frame Engine Mount Options Price

No Engine Brackets $0.00
Side-Engine Brackets Only 0.00
Side-Engine and Mid Plate Brackets 50.00
Small-Block Motor Plate and Mid Plate Brackets 50.00
Big-Block Motor Plate and Mid Plate Brackets 50.00
Side-Engine, Small-Block Motor Plate, and Mid Plate Brackets 5.00
Side-Engine, Big-Block Motor Plate, and Mid Plate Brackets 5.00
Small- and Big-Block Motor Plate, and Mid Plate Brackets 00.00

Billet Side Motor Mounts Part Number Description Price

6007- Billet Aluminum, Chevrolet Side Mount, LS Series, Matte Finish $95.00
6007- Billet Aluminum, Chevrolet Side Mount, LS Series, Polished Finish 345.00
6055- Billet Aluminum, Chevrolet Side Mount, SB, BB, V6, Matte Finish 66.00
6055- Billet Aluminum, Chevrolet Side Mount, SB, BB, V6, Polished Finish 06.00
6055- 6007-
Motor Plate Bracket
Side Engine Bracket
Mid Plate Bracket
Motor Plates

Part Number Description Price
6063 Bolt-In Motor Plate, Small Block V8, ‘67-69 Camaro, ‘68-7 Nova $65.00
6064 Bolt-In Motor Plate, Big Block V8, ‘67-69 Camaro, ‘68-7 Nova 65.00
6063 6064 Mid Plates
Part Number Description Price

6065 Bolt-In Mid Plate, Automatic, Camaro 967-69, Nova 968-7 (g-Machine subframe only) $76.00

6066 Bolt-In Mid Plate, Lakewood, Camaro 967-69, Nova 968-7 (g-Machine subframe only) 07.00

607 Bolt-In Mid Plate, Automatic, Firebird 967-69 (g-Machine subframe only, Pontiac V8) 97.00

607 Bolt-In Mid Plate, Lakewood, Firebird 967-69 (g-Machine subframe only, Pontiac V8) 8.00 6065 6066 607 607
Transmission Crossmember Mount

The transmission crossmember mounts are bent to form bracing gussets welded along the inside wall of the frame rail. The bracket overlaps the entire top panel of the subframe, increasing total material thickness. Two
sets of mounting holes at the bracket allow use of the same g-Machine tubular transmission crossmember with V8 engine blocks, or modern LS engines. Mounting hardware is inserted from the bottom side of the bracket and threaded directly into the weld nuts of the crossmember. This eliminates the need for hardware access space above the mounts and allows the crossmember to be positioned tighter against the body into the channel in the stock floor to obtain maximum exhaust clearance. Direct-fit
transmission crossmembers are available for Turbo 350, Turbo 400, Powerglide, 700R4, 00-4R, 4L60, 4L65E, Muncie 4-speed, Richmond 5- or 6-speed, and many Tremec 5- or 6-speed transmissions.
6067 - 4-Speed, Powerglide, Turbo 350 6068 - 700R, Tremec, Richmond 5-speed, 460L
6069 - Turbo 400, 00-4R, 4L65E 6070 - Richmond 6-speed ROD

Transmission Crossmembers
Part Number Description Position1 Price 6067 4-Speed / Powerglide / Turbo 350 Transmission Crossmember 0.55” $65.00
6068 700R / Tremec / Richmond 5-Speed / 4L60 Transmission Crossmember .95” 76.00
6069 Turbo 400 / 00-4R / 4L65E Transmission Crossmember 6.848” 86.00
6070 Richmond 6-Speed ROD Transmission Crossmember 4.375” 07.00
 Position of mount is the measured distance from back surface of engine block to center of transmission mounting holes.
Use length shown to determine usable crossmember for transmissions not listed. (Must verify pan clearance.)
 4L65E transmission can be used with LS-series engine only. 6069 crossmember must be mounted in rearmost holes of sub frame bracket.

End of Part 4
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Default Part 5

Bumper and Core-Support Mounts

All factory bumper and core-support mounts for both 967-69 Camaros and 968-7 Novas have been duplicated at the g-Machine frame horns. Weld nuts are factory installed in fixed positions or movable adjustment slots
to simplify installation. Weld nuts eliminate the need for backside hardware access, allowing a boxed frame horn design that contributes to front-end vehicle stiffness.

Inner Fender Splash Flaps

Durable rubber splash flaps are available to take the place of the OEM pieces. Debris within the engine compartment is kept to a minimum due to the flaps contoured edge, specifically designed to fit the g-Machine suspension and OEM inner fender.

Part Number Description Price 6656 Inner Fender Splash Flaps for OEM Inner Fender with g-Machine Front Suspension (pair) $93.00

Clutch Pivot-Shaft Bracket Mount

Three threaded holes along the driver’s side frame rail are used to
mount our clutch pivot shaft bracket (P/N 633), sold separately.
The bracket supports the factory clutch pivot shaft in the same
position as the factory bracket.
Part Number Description Price 633 Clutch Linkage Frame Pivot Mount, for g-Machine Camaro Subframe (770) $30.00

Parking Brake Brackets

Provisions to mount the factory parking brake cable are included as part of the welded subframe assembly. A sleeve allows the cable to be routed through the driver’s side frame rail, protecting it from possible undercarriage scrapes, and permitting use of the factory adjustment mechanism and passenger’s side cable anchor.

Subframe Connector Mounts

The g-Machine subframe is the only system available with a built-in subframe connector mount. Mounts are CNC-machined billet steel and serve to cap the rear end of the frame rail for added rigidity. Tubular sub frame connectors simply bolt to the mount extensions and to the factory leaf spring mounting bracket, tying front and rear chassis structures together.
Bolt-In Subframe Connectors Chassis works is the only manufacturer to incorporate a bolt-on chassis stiffening system into our direct-
fit 967-69 Camaro/Firebird, 968-7 Nova subframe design. Our unique clamping method is simple to install, and creates a connection equally strong as a welded connector. Once installed the connector system
provides a direct structural bridge between the rear subframe at the spring mount, and the g-Machine front suspension subframe. A noticeable improvement in chassis rigidity yields more responsive handling
and sharper acceleration, while relying less on the flexible sheet metal for chassis stiffness. The g-Machine sub frame’s profile-milled, billet-steel connector mount enables a non-flexible, precision fit for the subframe
connector. The tubular connector fits snugly over the mount, flush along the lower face, and is securely held in place by doubling plates to more evenly distribute the clamping force from two /” grade 8 bolts,
x  Tubular
Subframe Connector
Black Powder- Coat Finish Grade 8 Mounting Hardware Doubling Plate Clamp
Body Bushing Mount (hollow underneath)
Slotted Holes for Easier Installation Billet-Steel Connector Mount Doubling Plate Clamp
Nylon Insert
Parking Brake Mount with Frame Sleeve

Chris Alston’s Chassisworks, Inc.
8661 Younger Creek Drive
Sacramento, CA 95828
[email protected]
Order: 800-722-2269
Tech: 916-388-0288
Fax: 916-388-0295
All prices subject to change. Current pricing available at www.cachassisworks.com.
File: 7701_DS.indd Rev. 09/04/2007
for a slip-free joint. The  x  x .0” wall connector tube features multiple, subtle mandrel bends to
tightly follow the undercarriage for maximum ground clearance, and perfect alignment with the rear factory
subframe. To provide the most direct support and increase stability, the OEM leafspring mount sandwiches
two of the three gusseted connector mounting tabs against the body, while the third tab attaches using a
drilled hole at a stronger, contoured area of the undercarriage. This product ships with a black powder coat
finish, complete with grade 8 hardware and detailed instructions. Note: This product can only be used with
hardtop models equipped with our g-Machine subframe system.
Part Number Description Price
560-0 Bolt-in g-Machine Subframe Connectors, ‘67-69 Camaro/Firebird, Black Powder-Coat Finish $76.00
560- Bolt-in g-Machine Subframe Connectors, ‘68-74 Nova, Black Powder-Coat Finish 86.00
Single Box Shipment!
The Camaro g-Machine system
components are individually packed
to prevent damage during shipping,
and to ease part identification during
assembly. All boxed components are
then loaded into a heavy-duty, pallet-
mounted box then truck freighted
directly to your door — avoiding con-
fusing multiple-package paperwork
and lost shipments.

================================================== ===================


'67-'69 Camaro Coil-Over IFS

Front suspension clip features double rail, mandrel-bent design that provides superior strength with higher durability. Engine mounts, core support, body mounts and suspension brackets come installed. All heli-arc welded for the highest quality strength and finish available. Engine mounts are designed to accept small block, big block and LS1 engines (optional brackets and Camaro oil pan required with LS1). Bolt-in multi position transmission mount is included. Urethane bushed tubular A-arms, spindles (2" drop), new manual rack and pinion gear, GM disc brake kit, black powder coated springs, anti-roll bar, and billet coil-overs and transmission mount come standard with kit. Optional show package features: polished stainless A-arms, chrome spindles, chrome steering arms, chrome anti-roll bar, polished billet coil-overs, and custom 11" brake with polished billet calipers and polished backing plates. Options available: black powder coated A-arms, power rack and pinion steering gear, Air Spring suspension, chrome coils, 12" or 13" brake kit. (Rotor, spindles, and brake units come assembled with bearings packed with hi-temp grease)

Coil-Over IFS product page - click here

End of Part 5
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Default Part 6

Detroit Speed and Engineering



The DSE LSX engine mount bracket kit enables easy, no hassle installation of any LSX engine into the DSE hydroformed subframe. Our kit locates the engine in the proper location, provides the correct method of adapting the 3-bolt engine mounts to the 4-bolt LSX engine, and requires no fabrication.

Unlike others, the DSE kit comes complete with the following:

- Frame side engine mount stands
- CNC aluminum adapter plates
- Polyurethane engine mounts

Steering Coupler

The Steering Coupler U-joints utilize the latest in CNC machining technology. The U-joints are made out of the highest quality steel and have been thoroughly tested. Similar to OEM automotive U-joints, the staked needle bearing caps prevent loosening and adjustment malfunction.

The shaft is a DD that can be easily trimmed to exact length needed. Shafts are 12" in length as received.

Also available are vibration reducers
(DSE recommended) which significantly reduce vibration in the steering wheel and have also been shown to increase the overall life of the steering components.

The Steering Coupler comes in many different configurations which are listed below for you to properly choose the correct size and joint for your application. It is available in plain steel or polished stainless steel; as well as, with or without a vibration damper.

Note: On stock steering columns, verify output shaft type and spline before ordering. Please call with any questions.


Base Shock - Lightweight aluminum body coilover shock allows ride height adjustment. Specific "Detroit Tuned" valving provides superior handling performance and ride quality under all conditions. 100% dyno tested.

Note: Included in price of subframe.

Double Adjustable Shock - Includes all features of base shock plus installed independent compression and rebound adjustments with the simple turn of a knob. Specific "Detroit Tuned" valving provides superior handling performance and ride quality under all conditions. Low friction components provide responsive, consistent, fade free performance.
Remote Canister Monotube Double Adjustable Shock - Includes all features of double adjustable shocks. Specific "Detroit Tuned" valving provides superior handling performance and ride quality under all conditions. Incorporates a gas charged bladder design to provide both high frequency and low speed dampening control.
M2 Remote Canister Shock Mounts - These billet aluminum M2 shock mounts are manufactured for securing your remote shock canisters to the vehicle. Mounts with two 1/4"-20 x 1/2" buttonhead screws.

Note: One pair


Detroit Speed & Engineering’s all new front subframe is a bolt-in replacement for the original stock subframe. It improves the handling and ride quality by utilizing DSE’s unique suspension geometry. It is the ONLY subframe in the aftermarket industry with hydroformed frame rails. The hydroformed frame rails feature strength and stiffness, relatively low weight, and precise quality and repeatability. Hydroforming preserves the steel’s strength and stiffness because it is performed at low temperatures, unlike traditional high temperature processes which decrease material strength.
The subframe comes complete with the following components:

• Hydroformed Framerails
• Stamped Crossmembers
• Tubular Upper and Lower Control Arms
• Coilover Shocks for Subframe with "Detroit Tuned" valving
• Coilover Spring
• Power Rack and Pinion Steering
• Splined Sway Bar
• C6 Steering Knuckles and Bearing Packs

A 10" wide wheel can be packaged without modification to the inner wheel wells. Both the main and secondary crossmembers are stamped for structural rigidity. SBC, BBC, LS1, LS2, and LS7 engines have been designed as a direct bolt-in into this subframe.

The DSE subframe has been designed, engineered, and developed for the road and track. This subframe blends the benefits of current OEM technology and aftermarket performance into one product!

The subframe is available uncoated and unassembled for your SBC, BBC, or LSX engines. We also offer the subframe powdercoated satin black and assembled.

NOTE: Subframe must ship freight












5 x 4-3/4" STUD SIZE M12 x 1.5

17" WHEELS - 8.0" TO 9.0" WIDTH
18" WHEELS - 8.0" TO 10.0" WIDTH
19" WHEELS - 8.0" TO 10.0" WIDTH


P / N: H0821
P / N: H8047
N / A

P / N: 10240721
N / A

LS1 & LS2

P / N: 060401



DSE P / N: 060401 STOCK









1967 - 1969 CAMARO / FIREBIRD 1968 - 1974 NOVA 032004- 475 lb/ in. SBC

1967 - 1969 CAMARO / FIREBIRD 1968 - 1974 NOVA 032005 - 525 lb/ in. BBC

1967 - 1969 CAMARO / FIREBIRD 1968 - 1974 NOVA 032006 - 425 lb/ in. LSX $7185.00

1967 - 1969 CAMARO / FIREBIRD 1968 - 1974 NOVA 032001- 475 lb/ in. SBC

1967 - 1969 CAMARO / FIREBIRD 1968 - 1974 NOVA 032002 - 525 lb/ in. BBC

1967 - 1969 CAMARO / FIREBIRD 1968 - 1974 NOVA 032003 - 425 lb/ in. LSX


End of Part 6
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Default Part 7

Art Morrison


AME GT Sport Front Clip
Bare Welded Clip ......................$ 2,945
Bare, Welded Clip......................$2,945.00
C5 Frnt Susp Kit w/Drop’d Arms....2,315.00
Sway Bar & Mount Kit...................260.00
Tie Rod Ends...................................50.00
Strange Coil-Overs.........................440.00
AGR Power Rack...........................300.00
Shim & Alignment Kit....................140.00
TOTAL.........................................6,45 0.00
Package Discount..........................500.00
Package Price w/o Brakes....$5,950.00
35800-929-7188•fax: 253-922-8847 •www.artmorrison.com
Bolt-In Installation For 1967-69 Camaro
and Firebird, plus 1968-72 Chevy Nova
Complete Clip............................ $5,950
Disc brakes are an extra cost option
AME’s exclusive dropped steering arm C5 spindles make this package really work Destined to become one of the most popular bolt-in chassis
modifications of all time, Morrison’s new GT-Sport Front Clip is a “must have” addition to any first generation Camaro/Firebird built to G-machine specs. It also fits 1968-72 Chevy Novas. Through use of a specially modified C5 spindle with lowered steering arm mounting, the AGR power rack & pinion steering unit is mounted some 2” lower in the frame, which allows for a lower CG and improved handling. Big block, small block and
LS-series Chevy engines can be employed, as well as virtually any popular automatic or manual transmission —including Richmond 5/6-speeds, Tremec T56 and TKO, Mncie, Powerglide, TH-350 & 400, 700-R4 and 4L60E— thanks to a series of available mounts.

Designed through use of FEA (finite element analysis) the
105 lb. front clip has outstanding strength and stiffness, yet is
significantly lighter than the bulky OEM unit. With a reduced
unsprung weight, forged aluminum C5 Corvette control arms, a
shortened front view swing arm, modified caster, and adjustable
coil-over shocks, Morrison’s GT-Sport clip will provide awesome
handling. It comes with a near-stock tread width for optimum
wheel fitment opportunities, and can use a wider-than-stock tire
(265/35R18 tested).
As no cutting or welding is required, installing a GT-Sport clip
can be performed by most competent do-it-yourselfers in the
comfort of their own garage. With an aggressive, lower stance
and incredible handling characteristics, the look and “feel” of a
Morrison GT-Sport Clip-equipped Camaro is unbeatable!
AME '07 Cat hel 1/16/07 4:39 PM Page 35
End of Page 7

Thanks for your patience I hope this turns out to be helpful. (At least I tried)

As time goes on the products offered to us are continuing to evolve for the better.

Please help sum up the Important facts between these products. (Pro and Con and why?)

I think it would give the consumer and the manufacturers a way of making a better purchase decision, and possibly an insight into future development direction.

Add your thoughts and additional info you find. I think it would be really revealing how each stack up against each other.


Ty O'Neal
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nice break down, the compare feature on Amazon.com would be envious but you lost me about the end of page three. Those squares made me crave french toast so you might want to delete those. Maybe put a boobie picture somewhere in the middle to wake people up.

Can you embed a few pictures...no boobies as that was a joke. French and surup makes me babble and playfull.
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There's a lot of good information there, thanks for posting it, but I think if anyone were to actually figure out what it would cost for what they want they would come up with a very confused total.

I've had Chassisworks quote me a clip before and they went through all the options on the phone with me. I'm sure Art Morrison, DSE, etc. would too.
I'm probably just screwing with you, so please don't take it personal.
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Tyonel, good documentation!!!
63 Z06
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