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Default Ironworks Speed and Kustoms

Ironworks Speed and Kustoms feedback:
I have purchased 7 billet switches from Ironworks. They arrived with zero instructions but the installation of the switch head seemed fairly straightforward. I installed the switch heads by gently pushing them into place over the retention ears and I thought everything went smoothly until the switch head started falling off.
At that point, I realized that 3 of them had sheared the ears off the plastic switch. I reached out to Ironworks and ordered 3 new switches assuming it was my fault. I was told to very gently rock the switch heads into place which I very carefully did. 2 of the 3 new switches had the same failure as before. Again I reached out to Ironworks to try to figure out what I was doing wrong and ask if there was any way they could help me out with 2 replacements. I went back and forth providing a few pictures and trying to determine the issue and that's where Rodger got involved and it all went downhill.
From the very beginning of his involvement, he was extremely accusatory and rude. At that point, I was told that I should have used a small pick to install the switch heads which had never been mentioned to me previously. I have found that making a direct ask and explaining your expectations is far more effective than beating around the bush so I again asked if there was anyway Rodger could help me out with two switches as there were no instructions included and I had installed them on the 3 replacement switches I paid for no questions asked and installed in the manner they described to me previously. Rodger declined and I really didn't have much of a choice but to buy 2 more switches which I did. I have not even installed those yet.
Yesterday when getting into the car I realized another switch head was laying on the floorboard. Rather than wasting more time and money getting switches, I asked Rodger if I could send back the switch heads for a refund rather than continue to waste money on the switch bodies. I didn't even ask for a refund on the switch bodies I "broke". Again I was met with hostility and childish name-calling. I asked Rodger in an email that there was clearly a misunderstanding and asked if he could please give me a call. Rodger declined.
So I'm sitting here with 7 $80 switches, $150 worth of broken switch bodies, and no path forward to getting my issues resolved. I have dealt with dozens of vendors over the 7-year course of this build. Most have gone out of their way to assist in any issues or questions I might have had. Ironworks Kustoms is not one of those. I was frankly very taken back by Rodger's lack of professionalism and childish name-calling responses. Looking back I wish I would have gone with a different solution as I am now stuck with 7 pretty much useless switch heads unless I can source new switch bodies myself and hope somehow I don't have the same issue I have been having.
If someone wants to take the time to read the 70 emails they are available in the link here:
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