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Default 1st Gen Clutch Pedal Geometry (4th Gen) Template or Measurement info..?


I am just in the process of adapting the 1st Gen Camaro clutch pedal to incorporate the 4th Gen Geomrety. I am in the UK so its not as easy as going to salvage a 4th gen clutch pedal and just getting on with it. So I am reaching out to see if any of you guys that have done the modification have made a CAD template that you could share OR even a simple datum point set of measurements I could use to save me having to ship a used 4th Gen pedal over to the UK...ball ache I know.

It is the simple tab attachment to the 1st Gen pedal, to give correct stroke & alignment to use Dorman Master Cylinder (CM350014) when using a T56 or similar, just like Mark Stielow has explained a couple times on his recent '69 build threads here. (LT5 Project thread, post #101 for reference)

In the meantime I have posted a thread in the correct section for said pedal just incase I need to buy one and ship it.

Thanks, appreciate it if anyone comes forward to help me out.

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