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Old 09-30-2020, 04:10 PM
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Default Is it possible to create a "Private" thread?

Is there anyway to create a build thread and keep it "private" so that I can continue to build the threads content, add images, do edits, .etc so that I'm the only 1 that can see the content or even invite specific other forum members to review? I'm working on a 1985 Monte Carlo SS (Barney Want2B).

I am looking forward to starting a build thread and have been wanting to however at this point I'm not looking for feedback or comments simply due to the lack of any consistent progress and wish to keep the thread "clean" as long as possible.

I'm not wealthy, my health is declining, and work in a gravel driveway with limited equipment, so I seem to spend more time moving backwards than getting any real forward progress. For example; this past spring, I managed to get the body removed from the frame on my own but it took me 4 days due to all the breaks I need to take due to having had 6 back surgeries, need my hip replaced, and only have 35% use of my right hand due to Arthritis. Then due to the excessive heat here in VA, problems moving about, and the extension cord for my welder being about 4" short, I've managed to accomplish almost nothing more.

That said; my goal is more to document what I've done, outline the plans, and parts I've acquired so that my son may be able to complete the car should I not be able too.

Thank you,

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