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Old 10-19-2007, 11:21 PM
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Default S-10s and curves?

I think this is my first post here, but I have been lurking for quite a while. I've got a '95 Sonoma with an LT1/T56 combo, that I just got back on the road after a pretty rough wreck about a year and a half ago. This time around I decided to go a little further performance wise, especially around the curves. I put together a few things, but I am really unsatisfied with the performance and feel of the current setup, it rides terribly harsh and the front end feels a little "sloppy". I think I know the problem in the rear, but in the front I need 5" of drop, and I need it to perform too. I'm not at all against coil-overs, but I am on a budget. I know a lot of people piece their own coil-overs together from different companies in order to get the right drops and spring rates, but I don't know enough to choose a setup like that on my own.

The correct way to get that low would be to use a LCA instead of a spring, right?

I was looking at these, http://www.spohn.net/category.cfm?categoryid=1197but I'm not sure if those arms are lowered any or if they are stock height. Also, I can't find any G-body upper control arms that aren't made for the tall spindle, and since I just bought spindles and the custom brake brackets I'm not real crazy about buying any of it again.

I guess I should tell yall what I have done up to this point-----
-Front tire size is 255/45-18 on an 18x8.5 wheel
-Belltech 3" drop springs
-S-10 2" drop spindles
-Ed Miller's 12" LS1 F-body brake hubs and brackets
-12" F-body disc brakes
-all new energy suspension bushings
-ZQ8 sway bar and steering box
-and a set of old, cheap, worn out Belltech shocks

Just for kicks...
In the rear in has---
-295/45-19 on a 19x10 wheel
-Belltech 3" drop leaf springs
-2" drop blocks
-Bilstein shocks
-ZQ8 sway bar
-12" LS1 F-body disc brakes

I think that covers it all.

I appreciate all of the help,
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Old 10-21-2007, 03:59 AM
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i would get a set of g.body arms from SC&C if ít were me... or you can have my OEM ones if you pay for the shipping (dont thisk its cheap from europe though) with regards to the shocks it is the only thing im not crazy about... you should considder getting some better units but a call to marcus at sc&c and you should be motoring
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Old 01-05-2008, 02:27 PM
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Carson, what did you end up doing? Any progress?
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