Jackass 2.0: Mark Stielow takes the yellow ’69 Camaro to the next level

We have the 40 mm taller intercooler bricks and spacers in from C&R. We hope to dyno it in a couple weeks.

I had to purchase 4 sets to cover the tooling so if someone needs/wants a engine set IM me.

We wrapped up 90% of the wiring. I need to finish the ABS brake lines then we can repaint the engine bay and bottom of the car.

We finally have a solution for fuel flow. With a lot of help from Kinsler, Carl Casanova and Jason Hines we feel the best solution for E-85 and Gas for street and track is going with 2 CTS-V fuel pumps controlled by Carl Casanova’s Vapor Worx system.

We need 2.2 gallons a minute at 65 psi at full power.

Because JA had a Ricks tank Matt is modifying the tank to allow two pumps and the in-tank pickups.

Starting on ABS brake lines.


Matt at Sled Alley got all the fab work done and now the Dutchboys are painting the bottom of the car and the firewall.




It’s a mad trash weekend to get Jackass 2.0 ready for Goodguys Des Moines…


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