Mcp #245 Tess Winningham On Quicktrick’s Affordable Do-it-yourself Alignment Tools



This weeks interview is with Tess Winningham, CEO at Alignment Simple Solutions and co founder of QuickTrick Alignment, makers of affordable and portable alignment tools. Tess admits she did not become a “gear head” until she met her husband Gary ”Mr QuickTrick” Winningham. Gary is a former regional NASCAR racer, pit crew and master mechanic that is good at finding or making solutions to problems.

The key to the QuickTrick system is that it uses to component (a horizontal and vertical bar) yet places three reference points on each wheel, and also has an independent reference to a horizontal and vertical “zero” as well. This allows highly precise measurements to take place, and the design overall allows the flexibility to be used on cars of all shapes, sizes, and wheel arches (think of a covered wheel arch where the top of the tire is inaccessible – such as a ’57 Chevy). Bret Voelkel of Ride Tech saw the value immediately and was the first to jump on the distribution bandwagon! Today QuickTrick products are sold in a number of places familiar to all gear heads.

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