1969 Camaro RS / SS 375 HP 396 Convertible

  The 1969 Camaro is one of the most iconic Muscle Cars ever built, and the many variations of Camaros keep these cars interesting decades on. This week, we're spotlighting a '69 Camaro nearly every Muscle Car fan would like... an RS / SS 396 375 HP convertible 4-speed in a stunning shade of Frost Green. This car has nearly … [Read more...]

Tmcp #200 Bernie Mcpartland – Live Special Report – Barrett Jackson 2014!

For our 200th show (happy birthday to us!), this weeks podcast was a LIVE report from the Barrett Jackson Scottsdale Collector Car Auction by our own Bernie McPartland. Bernie checked in from this "lifestyle event" where nearly 1400 collectible cars were being sold in front of over 300,000 people. Some of the amazing cars that were there were Mark Stielow's Mule, The Ring … [Read more...]

Raj Mundi’s 69 Camaro

I have had an infatuation (some might call it an addiction/problem) with cars from an early age. The car that started the problem was my cousins 1987 Buick Grand National. Once he lowered it and added some Centerlines that was it, I was hooked! I have always wanted to build a car that was "mine" and I got that chance a few years ago. Much like a few others on the forum, this … [Read more...]

1967 Camaro Concept Car “Cherokee”

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-wCGLVc3hj0 This week's car is unreal.. the GM Styling Division show car from 1967 called the "Cherokee!" Watch the video to learn all about it from restorer Charley Hutton. Shot at the Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals. … [Read more...]

TMCP Podcast – Cars and Coffee at Karl Performance AND Chevelle Update!

In this week’s podcast show I had the chance to do something I’ve always wanted to – broadcast live from “Cars and Coffee” event. I joined Karl Performance (the shop that built the LS3 for my Chevelle) at their monthly Cars and Coffee event at their shop where they open the entire place up to the public. I got to interview numerous car owners including John Puckett (83 Mercury … [Read more...]


This weeks podcast is a great interview with James Shipka builder, driver and owner of the One Lap Camaro. Together with he and Mary Pozzi at the wheel the Camaro became the 2013 winner in the vintage class of One Lap of America! James talked about how the One Lap Camaro came to be and how he had to change as a driver to successfully compete. He said to keep an open mind in … [Read more...]


This episode of The Muscle Car Place Podcast is a two for one show. Rob interviewed Brian Downard from Lokar Performance Products and talked about many cool products Lokar has out or is currently working on. They also discussed Brian's history in the automotive industry and traits Lokar looks for in it's employees. It was a great interview with a lot of insights on working in … [Read more...]

TMCP Podcast – SPECIAL EDITION SEMA Show 2012 – Part 2

The second installment of the Special Edition SEMA podcast is OUT! This time Rob and Jeff Allison get to interview two different manufacturers about LS engine management kits and two car builders about their creations. Ed Monte from MSD talked about the Atomic EFI LS Wiredless Engine Management package. He discussed how it will make your engine compartment look better and … [Read more...]

TMCP Podcast – Danny Giustino on Restoring Cars For A Living for 20 Years

The latest TMCP podcast show is out, and the guest this week is my pal Danny Giustio. Danny is the owner of Muscle Express in Florida and has been making his living restoring cars and selling parts for over 20 years. His specialty is nut-and-bolt restorations on GM cars.....but after doing those for years he's really felt bad that the cars he's done will never be driven and … [Read more...]