Project Way-Gone: Fueling and Firing The Beast!

Hear The Horses Run With Holley Performance! After months of hard work, the time had come to make the push to get the LS engine in our 1966 Chevelle wagon fired up. When we bought this car, it was just the shell and that's it. Getting to hear it fire up for the first time would be a huge milestone for the car and a big motivation push for us. Luckily, Holley Performance had … [Read more...]

Tmcp #244 Jeff Vanburen On Going From Irreplaceable To Easily Replaceable

  This weeks interview is with racer, builder, and long time show listener Jeff VanBuren. Jeff got the bug for autocross racing and at one time he actually investigated buying Mark Stielow’s Camaro, the famous Red Witch, that at the time was selling for around $40,000. He then started looking for a Camaro to build in the style of that car and go racing. After a couple … [Read more...]

Tmcp #242 Blake Anderman – How To Do An Ls Swap/body Off Restoration Of An Avanti

  This weeks interview is with 30-Year Old Production Engineer Blake Anderman. Blake lives in southern Louisiana and is working on a few different high level builds out of his 20×23 garage, using a system he developed to get the most work done possible out of a small work space. Since he does it at home he is stuck with the small garage that came with his suburban home. … [Read more...]