Detroit Speed’s Mustang Suspension and Karl’s Chevrolet’s Retro LS Big Blocks!

This week's MuscleCar Place podcast show featured two interviews that I thought you all might dig. The first featured Kyle Tucker from Detroit Speed - and Kyle discussed their upcoming Mustang suspension package! The second interview was with Adam Moore from Karl's Performance Parts, the GMPP wing of Karl Chevrolet in Ankeny, IA. Adam has built a slick LS3 into a retro … [Read more...]

Gateway Classic Mustang on The MuscleCar Place Podcast

I thought I would post the latest episode of my podcast show here. It's the second show featuring interviews from my weekend (4th of July) in a booth at the Heartland Nationals GoodGuys show in Des Moines, IA. Jason Childress from Gateway Classic Mustang was the first guest - I thought you all might like it. He starts at the 14 minute mark if you'd like to jump right to … [Read more...]

Mary Pozzi on TheMuscleCar Place podcast

I've posted a few of my podcast shows here in the past, and this week's show features Mary Pozzi! As you might expect Mary had a lot of advice and opinions to give, and I loved every second of it. Here is a link: … [Read more...]

Richard Petty interview on TheMuscleCar Place podcast

    I recently interviewed Richard Petty for my business, The MuscleCar Place, and though I can't say in all honesty that this show is 100% related to pro touring, I thought it was cool enough to share anyway. We talked about everything ranging from the Pete Hamilton #40 Superbird restoration that Petty's Garage did to his current NASCAR team, the … [Read more...]

Mark Stielow on the MusclecarPlace podcast

Mark Stielow was the featured guest on my podcast show this week, so I thought I would share it here. I'm sure that a lot of you know him well, but I'd never met him in person - only read about him. He's a cool cat and offered a lot of helpful info on where to start when building a car from the ground up, especially if you're a newbie. Here's the … [Read more...]