1970 Buick GSX Stage 1 4-Speed

Here's one for the Buick fans... a 1970 Buick GSX 455 Stage 1 4-Speed in Saturn Yellow! Buick made 678 of these luxo-rockets in 1970, and they were certainly out of character for the Buick brand. Producing 360 horsepower and 510 ft. lbs. of torque, these capable street brawlers were running with the fastest Muscle Cars from any … [Read more...]

April ’14 Feature of the Month: V8 Speed & Resto’s 71 Olds Cutlass

The original owner wanted a 442, but the price tag on a 442 was a little out of reach, so this 1971 Oldsmobile Cutlass S was ordered new with every 442 option except for the 455 Olds engine. It's got the bucket seats, 4-speed, Outside Air Induction fiberglass hood, sway bars, disc brakes... and a 350 4-barrel. It's an interesting car, and here's where the journey back to … [Read more...]

March ’14 Feature of the Month: V8 Speed & Resto’s “Reloaded”

1968 Camaro "RELOADED" Words by Kevin Oeste, pics by Kevin Oeste & Mark Vironda Built by V8 Speed & Resto Shop, Red Bud, IL I was in high school when I met Pete Kurpiewski, a guy a few years older than I who claimed to have a California-bought '68 Camaro SS in his garage. "BS!" I exclaimed, as no punks our age seemed capable of owning such a car. Pete proved me … [Read more...]